• Porsche Classic Recreates Dashboard For Historic 911

Owning a classic Porsche 911 can be a lot of fun. However, with historic vehicles in need of constant maintenance and with original parts not exactly easy to find, the hobby can get really expensive. Fortunately, Porsche’s Classic division is here to give U.S. enthusiasts a hand with a range of services and products for early 911 models. After it had launched a navigation radio system that blends modern technology with a retro look earlier in 2015, Porsche Classic has also announced it will reproduce dashboards for vintage 911 models from years 1969 to 1975.

Much like any other restomod item from Porsche Classic, the dashboard looks just like the original, but features a modern substructure. The automaker claims that "the fluted texture, tactile feel, gloss and shade of black" were designed to be as close as possible to the original. At the same time, it was created using a sophisticated manufacturing process that meets today’s high-quality standards. Porsche says the materials used in the new dashboard will hold up better against solar radiation and fluctuations in temperature and humidity, and help preserve the value of classic Porsche cars in the long run.

The new part is available from any authorized Porsche dealer in the U.S. for $1,353, not including taxes and shipping. The manufacturer recommends the dashboard replacement be performed by authorized dealer partners who have trained experts, as it can only be installed by the original procedure, which involves removing the windshield.

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Why it matters

This is great news for owners of classic 911s, who can now purchase one more part needed to restore their cars right from the dealership. Not many carmakers provide such services for models that are now out of production and it’s nice to see that a beloved model such as the pre-turbo era 911 gets the attention it deserves. Early 911 dashboards in tip-top, unrestored shape are hard to find and expensive, which makes this new part that much more feasible to owners that don’t necessarily need an original item. Replacing the old part with the new one should be easy too, with more and more Porsche dealers becoming Porsche Classic partners.

On the other hand, I can’t help wonder whether these restomod dashboards won’t affect a 911s resale value. Selling a car that has such a dashboard could prove difficult if the buyer is interested in a completely unrestored product. Still, the restomod dashboard remains a great initiative from Porsche Classic to owners who aren’t that crazy about having a 100 percent original car. It’s better to be able to restore a 911 with original-looking parts from the company than struggling to find a replacement that’s in mint condition or restoring a significantly altered component.

Porsche 911 (993)

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It is back: Porsche Classic is reproducing the dashboard for vintage 911 models from years 1969 to 1975. A sophisticated manufacturing process combines high quality meeting today’s standards and a design that is true to the original. The new dashboard consists of a modern substructure and the original surface design. The fluted texture, tactile feel, gloss and shade of black are designed to be as close as possible to the original. The new part is now available to be ordered from any authorized Porsche dealer in the United States. MSRP is $1,353 plus any applicable taxes, shipping, and handling.

Like the technical equipment, the classic vehicles’ interiors are subject to normal wear. Solar radiation as well as fluctuations in temperature and humidity attack the surface and materials over time. Today’s materials hold up better; therefore, to help preserve the long-term value of classic Porsche cars, Porsche Classic re-engineered the dashboard. Extensive tests conducted to modern standards assure precision fit and quality.

As an original equipment part, the dashboard, which contains the loudspeaker cover, can only be installed by the original assembly procedure – which involves removing the windshield. This is why Porsche Classic recommends the replacement be performed by authorized Porsche dealer partners who have trained experts.

Porsche Classic is the sports car manufacturer’s division responsible for a wide range of services and products for Porsche vehicles whose production date is generally ten years old or older. The specialty group is the source for original delivery and maintenance documentation as well as the reproduction of original parts, up to complete restorations of Porsche vehicles.

To facilitate optimal care and restoration of these classic vehicles, the company is building up its international network over the next several years to approximately 100 authorized Porsche dealers who will become Porsche Classic partners. Porsche customers and interested parties can expect a wide range of Porsche Classic products and services from these partners. This lets Porsche integrate the maintenance and value preservation of both young and old cars into an innovative service concept, which closely intertwines tradition and innovation by Porsche.

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