Porsche confirms new supercar between 911 and 918

2013 Porsche 961 High Resolution Exterior
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A few weeks ago, we reported about a possible Porsche 961 and now, in an interview with Car And Driver, Porsche CEO Matthias Müller has confirmed that the company indeed has plans to build a new supercar to be placed between the 911 and the 918.

Matthias Müller admitted that there would be room for a mid-engine sports car above the 911 and that this model would fit "in a price segment of 400,000 euros." He also added that this car has good chances of being built.

The new model will target the Ferrari 458 Italia and will use many components from the upcoming "modular sports architecture." This is the same architecture that will be used for next generation of Audi, Lamborghini, and Porsche sports cars. Under the hood, Porsche will place a 600 HP engine that will sprint the car from 0 to 60 mph in the three-to-four-second range, while top speed will be in the 200 mph area.

Does this sound like the Porsche 961 to anyone else?


Source: Car and Driver

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  (595) posted on 08.10.2011

Yeah. I agree with that. We all know that Ferrari made a huge market sale so Porsche will surely have a hard time. On the other hand, it is a good start for Porsche because people nowadays are into new cars, they don’t care about the brand as long as it is a new version they will buy it.

  (528) posted on 08.9.2011

If the target competition will be the Ferrari Italia. I think Porsche will have a hard time on that. They wanted to power the car with a mid-size engine thus the performance will be lessened. If that is the case, they will surely drop behind Ferrari.

  (287) posted on 08.9.2011

Well, the car really looks like an identical of a Porsche 918. However, it’s a great thing to know that this future production would be more powerful compare to their current production the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0.

  (398) posted on 08.9.2011

The platform of the car seems wider compare to the standard version. The possible figure performance of the car is quite impressive. I just wonder if they are going to name the car as 9X1 or 961?

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