Nobody has ever accused Porsche of building a boring car, but with a recent focus on high-tech goodies like dual-clutch transmissions and high-volume SUVs and sedans, it can be argued that the brand may have gotten away from the pure simplicity of its earlier sports cars. Looking to rectify this situation, Porsche is reportedly working on a new version of the 911 that puts the driving pleasure as a top priority.

Autocar is reporting that the new 911 GT model would be in addition to the existing GT3 and upcoming GT2 RS, but unlike these track-ready models, the new 911 variant would focus on being an everyday GT car. Simply put, such a car will be created to improve driving enjoyment, even if that comes at the expense of top speed and lap times, which it most likely will. It seems that few details about this car are known, but it will offer a manual transmission, making it the first in the 911 GT lineup to offer three pedals since the 991 showed up.

Other possible attributes include a narrower track than the GT3 and GT2, sticking with the standard body from the Carrera that uses skinnier tires and a tamer setup for the chassis and suspension. The goal is to maximize balance rather than track performance, in a similar fashion as the Mazda Miata. As for the name, this model isn’t expected to wear the GT5 name that was recently reported on, but it could be called the 911 Club Sport.

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Why it matters

A back-to-basics version of the Porsche 911 would help revive the raw driving spirit exhibited from early Porsche models like the 356, 550 and 911. According to the report, the pared-down 911 GT could join the lineup as soon as next year, as a part of the updated 911.2 lineup.

Porsche 911

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