• Porsche Could Build a Taycan Coupe, Convertible, and Sport Turismo

  • Via Taycanforum.com
  • Via Taycanforum.com

It’s only a matter of time before Porsche turns the Taycan into a family of EVs

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Porsche’s plans to build up the Taycan family could soon include a two-door, a convertible, and a low-slung version of the Cross Turismo. Company boss Stefan Weckbach revealed to Autocar that discussions are currently ongoing within Porsche to add body styles to the Taycan to complement the Taycan sports saloon and the Taycan Cross Turismo. No timetable has been set on when these models will arrive or whether they’re going to be green-lighted in the first place. Porsche has made clear its plans to have an 80 percent electric lineup by 2030.

Porsche Could Build a Taycan Coupe, Convertible, and Sport Turismo
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With the success of the Taycan and Porsche’s long-term EV goals in mind, Weckbach’s acknowledgment that the automaker is considering adding more models to the Taycan family shouldn’t come as a surprise. Demand for these different variants is there and adding more EV models in its portfolio lines up with the automaker’s EV goals.

Of the prospective models, entry-level versions of the Taycan saloon and Taycan Cross Turismo are getting the most interest from the public.

Weckbach admitted to the demand for those two EV models. Fortunately, Porsche wouldn’t have to start from scratch if it decides to greenlight these models. The Taycan’s J1 EV architecture can accommodate different body styles. Full-sized SUVs, on the other hand, will sit on the same PPE platform that will underpin the next-generation, all-electric Macan SUV.

Weckbach also acknowledged that there is interest in a two-door version of the Taycan as well as a convertible version, though it is less likely that Porsche will agree to build these two models ahead of the previous two. A good business case for these models still has to be made. If they are launched, they’d command higher price tags than their ICE counterparts and, as we’ve seen with the numerous delays plaguing the next-generation Tesla Roadster, a mass-produce convertible EV, in particular, might be a tough sell beyond the small pocket of interested buyers.

Porsche Could Build a Taycan Coupe, Convertible, and Sport Turismo
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Via Taycanforum.com
Porsche Could Build a Taycan Coupe, Convertible, and Sport Turismo
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Via Taycanforum.com

(note: Images above courtesy of Taycanforum.com

All these options are on the table, and Porsche should make a decision on which of these models will end up joining the Taycan saloon and the Taycan Cross Turismo in that family. The automaker’s aggressive push to be a predominantly electric carmaker by the end of the decade is still the end goal. At some point, it’s going to need to start filling up its ranks with more EVs.

Source: Autocar

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