Spy shots say yes, Porsche says no. So, who should we believe? In a recent interview with Auto Motor Und Sport, Porsche marketing exec Klaus Berning denied any baby Cayenne or Coupe version of the future Panamera.

Porsche has big plans for the future; the company will hire 2100 more employees, and will expand the dealers network in countries like Russia or China.

Speculation over Porsche producing a fifth series in the form of the ever more popular 4 x 4 range, following on from the Cayenne model was dismissed by Berning who said, "That issue has not once been discussed at a managerial level. We are not counting the capacity of our models, and a new 4 x 4 model is not on the agenda. It’s not the way Porsche wants to go right now."

The car giant doesn’t see the dwindling US dollar as a major problem to the large US market and the possibility of the Panamera model being manufactured at VW plants in America could still go ahead. However, no definitive plans for state-side production have yet been made.

"There is as of yet no concrete plans: it also doesn’t make much sense to assemble a car in the USA when the parts are being produced in Germany and the rest of Europe. Our motto: ’Made in Germany’ works for us," said Berning.

Berning admits that the Panamera has the potential to cannibalize Cayenne sales, so despite Porsche predicting yearly sales of the sedan to reach 20,000 units, the automaker expects that overall sales will remain around 100,000 units.


Source: Auto motor und sport

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