Usually when we talk about cars, we try to keep alcohol as far away from the conversation as possible. However, this time, we have no choice but to put the indulgence front and center. This is a special Johnnie Walker Blue Label Private Bar designed by Porsche. Of course, this toy comes with a hefty price tag, not unusual for a Porsche item. It costs £100,000 or about $155,000, even more expensive than a Porsche 911 Turbo ($137,500). There will be only 50 units built, sold worldwide.

The new Johnnie Walker Blue Label Private Bar is crafted from the finest materials and combines classic and contemporary design into a piece that exquisitely blends form and function. The bar uses state of the art motion sensors to activate its automated opening sequence, during which sections of the Private Bar effortlessly pivot and slide. This motion allows for a display of a magnum of cask strength Johnnie Walker Blue Label with exterior detailing imagined by Porsche Design Studio, two bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, and four crystal glasses.

Once opened, pressing a discretely styled button reveals a hidden chilled compartment, which rises subtly out of the bar, to reveal a bespoke crystal ice bucket, stainless steel tongs, four further crystal glasses and a crystal jug of iced water.

The biggest problem, next to the huge price, is that this private bar will only be sold through exclusive private auctions, invitation-only events, and bespoke launches.


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  (463) posted on 10.21.2011

I agree. Alcohol and driving must be discussed in separate ways. But man! Who will not love this Johnnie Walker Blue Label Private Bar? It sure cost a fortune but the indulgence it will bring to us will be unexplainable.

  (619) posted on 10.12.2011

Don’t drink and drive! Most drivers often violated this traffic rule.. They didn’t realize that it’s for their own safety.. That’s a very expensive toy! More expensive than a car actually!.. I wonder who are those fifty person to buy that toy.. Maybe it’s either they are a great fan of Porsche or a Johnnie Walker lover..

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