We all know that automakers have slowly begun to pay more attention to consumer goods as a way of branching out their business models, but in the case of Porsche Design - Porsche’s styling arm - they might have taken it to a whole new level by diving into real estate development.

No, they’re not building their own theme park like Ferrari did, but they did build a new condominium project in the heart of Miami Beach.

The building is set to be christened the "Porsche Design Tower" and will be a collaborative project between the company and real estate developer Gil Dezer. The new condominium is expected to rise on 2.2 acres of real estate along Collins Avenue in Miami, making up 132 housing units on the 57-story building. One of the most fascinating features of the Porsche Design Tower is the inclusion of three robotic car elevators that will allow you to actually bring your own car up to your condos without, apparently, needing your own basement parking.

We’re more than interested to see how the whole set-up is going to work, but we have neither the car nor the funds to make a play for one of those units, which, we expect, will sell for more than what our bank accounts can handle.

But hey, the whole idea of bringing your car up to your condo unit is pretty sweet in its own right. At the very least, you won’t have to worry about it being stolen in the basement.


Source: Miami Herald

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  (459) posted on 01.9.2012

This idea is cool for me. Imagine this Tower with full of people living on it with their Porsche cars. Very outstanding and fascinating. I am hoping to see this tower in Miami soon.

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