We thought that social media sites were fast becoming an important tool for auto brands and their marketing campaigns. Apparently, we thought wrong. Well, at least where one auto brand is concerned.

According to Bloomberg, Porsche has blocked employee access to social-networking sites like Facebook and Xing. The company’s motives in doing so? They felt that by blocking these sites, they could protect themselves from insider spying and espionage.

The company has apparently become weary of employees posting classified information about the company on these sites, making it easy prey for outsiders looking to catch a glimpse of Porsche’s "trade secrets". Yeah, looks like Porsche doesn’t want the whole world, especially its competitors, to see what they’re researching and developing behind the scenes.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Dirk Erat, a Porsche spokesman, said the move to block these sites was done to prevent confidential information about the company from leaking out. “These services imply a certain threat potential,” he said.

"Barring access at workstations to sites including EBay Inc. reflects ’principal company policy’."

While we understand Porsche for feeling a little threatened given the lengths of transparency these sites give to all its users, we do wonder what kind of "classified" information they’re trying to keep under wraps.

There’s probably more to this than what’s being let on. So, while we are digging around, let’s have some fun trying to guess their secrets. Leave your guesses in the comments section below!


Source: Bloomberg

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  (544) posted on 10.14.2010

It’s really a though competition between automakers so I guess its the better thing to do but at least Porsche should provide a minimum information about there latest car.

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