Believe it or not, there are some flowers out there that take decades to bloom. Horticulturists keen on seeing such a rare event must be extraordinarily patient, carefully tending to these delicate plants in preparation for the day when they finally open up and reveal their full potential. Luckily Porschephiles have only had to wait three or four years for the Rennsport Reunion.

Originally taking place at Lime Rock in 2001, the Rennsport Reunion eventually found its way to the easily recognizable blacktop of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. This world-famous venue is the perfect place for such an event – its 11 turns and 2.24 miles are steeped in history, providing just the right backdrop for a rare collection of race and street cars to get out and stretch their collective legs.

This two-minute video explores what drives enthusiasts to this event. For some, it’s a chance to put these competition-ready vehicles back into their element, wringing out every tenth and doing what they do best. Some come for the opportunity to get close to cars they’ve only dreamed about; the fantasy made real in metal. For others, it’s a chance to recall forgotten memories and catch up with old friends over the familiar burble of an engine note from years ago.

No matter the reason, the Rennsport Reunion is a special event filled with special cars, and this video is an attempt at capturing some of that magic.


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