• Porsche Eyeballing a Panamera EV As a Larger Alternative to the Taycan

Will it be faster and more powerful than the Taycan?

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When the Taycan was unveiled, a lot of folks called it the electric Panamera because of how similar they both look. When the real-world reviews started pouring in, it was known the Taycan is smaller than Panamera in terms of dimensions. But, with electrification taking over every segment and every car, there was a big question surrounding the Panamera’s electric version and how it would slot with the Taycan in the lineup if a Panamera electric would even happen.

Speaking with GoAuto, Porsche’s Product Line Vice President, Thomas Friemuth, cleared some air on both these questions by saying that an electric Panamera is being considered, but also hinted that it won’t overlap the Taycan. Does this mean the electric Panamera will be the flagship e-model for Porsche?

An Electric Panamera Will Be An Interesting Proposition

Porsche Eyeballing a Panamera EV As a Larger Alternative to the Taycan Exterior
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Porsche seems to be having busy ‘Panamera’ days. The company revealed the 2021 model recently and soon followed it up with news of the hybrid version that will be the most powerful Porsche ever built.

Now, Dr. Friemuth has told outlet Go Auto that an electric version of the brand’s executive sedan was under consideration.

Developing an electric version of one of its most successful, practical, and volume-raking model was imperative. In the European markets, 60-percent of Panameras sold are hybrids. However, there were doubts about how it would slot vis-à-vis the Taycan. “We don’t see a big overlap between these two cars… it’s a different car coming from Panamera,” he said. “Panamera is luxury sedan and a sportscar and a big car with a lot of roominess and interior space and so on to drive long distance comfortably with four adults.”

Porsche Eyeballing a Panamera EV As a Larger Alternative to the Taycan Exterior
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2021 Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid specifications
Engine Twin-turbocharged V6
Displacement 2.9 l
Max. power 443 hp @ 5,750 - 6,600 rpm
Max. engine speed 6,800 rpm
Max. torque 405 lb-ft @ 1,900 - 5,750 rpm
Max. power electric motor 134 hp
Max. torque electric motor 295 lb-ft
Max. power combined 552 hp
Max. torque combined 553 lb-ft
Top track speed 185 mph
0 - 60 mph with Sport Chrono Package 3.5 s

A Lot Of Panamera News These Days

Porsche Eyeballing a Panamera EV As a Larger Alternative to the Taycan Exterior
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Porsche took the covers off the 2021 Panamera in August and it came with quite a few revelations. Apart from the aesthetic changes, the automaker replaced the Turbo trim with the Turbo S trim that has 70 horses and 36 pound-feet of torque more than the former. A week post this, the company even confirmed that a hybrid version of the 2021 Panamera will be revealed very soon, which was conspicuous by its absence at the time of the 2021 model unveil. It will be based on the Turbo S trim and is expected to make over 750 horses. This makes it the most powerful model that Porsche has built outside of the bonkers 918 Spyder, eclipsing even the 911 992 GT2 RS’ 700 horses.

GoAuto further wrote that Friemuth has confirmed an entry-level hybrid along with the range-topping Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid for the Australian market. Expect this in other markets as well.

Final Thoughts

Porsche Eyeballing a Panamera EV As a Larger Alternative to the Taycan Exterior
- image 930744

Now it is clear that there will be an electric Panamera and it will not overlap the Taycan, thus keeping both the cars from cannibalizing into each other’s sales. But, the question is, will it slot below the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid in terms of performance, or will Porsche go berserk with this model as well? It’s a little difficult to speculate at this point, given that the company is electrifying many of its models in the near future.

The next-gen Macan will be available in electric avatar only, then there are electric replacements planned for the Boxster, Cayman, and Cayenne as well. So, let’s wait and watch how Porsche takes things forward from here.

What are your thoughts about this? Share them with us in the comments section below.

Source: Go Auto

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