The German tuning firm Cargraphic is well known for their assortment of stylish rolling stock for a variety of Porsche’s sports cars. In an attempt to bring a little bit more sporting credibility to the track tuned 911 GT3, Cargraphic has come up with a set of trick central locking rims, just like the race car, that they are calling the IS-ONE Flowforming wheel. The lightweight version of the alloy is being exclusively offered for the motor sport inspired GT3 sized 19 inches in diameter. Cargraphic feels that this is the optimum size to provide the driver with the perfect combination of road feel and responsiveness, making it the perfect add on for your track day special, just don’t forget the oversized wrench.

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Press release

Porsche GT3 by Cargraphic High Resolution Exterior
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“Central locking as standard” – no longer anything special? Well that may be the case with doors. In connection with alloys, however, the so-called central lock triggers the spontaneous I-want-to-have-it reflex of sports car fans. The 997 GT3 MK2 is the only mass produced Porsche car which comes supplied with this authentic motorsport extra. And if you still need a new set of wheels? The Porsche tuner Cargraphic has an attractive solution to hand with the new central locking version of the one-piece IS-ONE Flowforming wheel. As a long-term motorsport supplier the tradition-rich company from Landau also shows that it knows how to impress technically with this design.

Porsche GT3 by Cargraphic High Resolution Exterior
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The lightweight version of the alloy is, of course, used exclusively for the motorsport-loving GT3, and in 19-inch, the optimum size for driving dynamics. As a result the access to the wheel well, steering forces and unsprung masses remain in perfect balance. Due to the innovative flow-forming process the cast wheel also develops wrought-like characteristics with regards to the quality of its metallic structure.

Regardless which terrain the Porsche driver is on with the IS-ONE central lock (CL): the classic combination of Y and U spokes in a modern design guarantees a stylish appearance. The wheel is neither too austere nor formally overloaded. As standard the alloys are supplied with a GT-3 hub cap and black or silver coating, although Cargraphic sets no limits on the optional colour individualisation of the wheel: from understatement to show-stopper, all varieties are possible. The IS-ONE CL is thereby one of the few “locking devices" which is designed to generate publicity.

Porsche GT3 by Cargraphic High Resolution Exterior
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  (702) posted on 03.4.2010

If we are really talking about car graphic I don’t like the result especially in Porsche which is highly known for it’s elegance. I hope they’d stop producing this kind of model for their branded name.

  (780) posted on 01.3.2010

This body design looks more interesting than the S3 design by MR Car Design. Although I see the "naturale" of this car, it’s almost design all the body that gives me the interest of having an appointment to that shop.

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