Porsche has no plans for a baby-Boxster

2014 Porsche "Baby" Boxster Exclusive Renderings
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There’s been more rumors about the supposed baby-Boxster then there have been about any of Charlie Sheen’s exploits, regardless of whether any or all of them were true or not. We had gotten to the point where we just didn’t know what to believe anymore, but Porsche AG sales chief, Bernhard Maier, has come to save our spinning heads by declaring that the Baby Boxster has been buried. According to him, Porsche has no plans of building a car smaller and cheaper than the Boxster because the company wants to maintain its exclusivity.

That decision was made despite Porsche’s plans to sell 200,000 cars a year by 2018. According to Maier, that goal will be achieved just by building sports cars and nothing else. He also said that in order to achieve exclusivity, the company will always offer "one car fewer than the market is able to handle."

"To build a Porsche for 30,000 euros currently doesn’t fit our brand," said Bernhard Maier in an interview with Automotive News Europe. "The extraordinary purchase experience is not for free and the entry price is currently covered with the Boxster and in the future by the Macan."

We’re not sure if we’re buying this or out. We’re thinking that the Baby Boxster has just been put on hold - as previous rumors have stated - because Porsche has already admitted that the current generation just wasn’t ready for this type of sports car. If the next generation fits the mold for a Baby Boxster, then you can be darn sure Porsche is going to dig out those designs and restart the production process again.


Source: Automotive News

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