• Porsche is Developing a 911 Hybrid, and This Video is Proof

This Porsche 911 Hybrid was caught running on the Nürburgring and may be called the 911 Turbo E-Hybrid

For years now, we’ve been told to patiently wait for an electrified Porsche 911. Back in 2018, Porsche’s 911 Product Line Director, August Achleitner said that an electrified 911 in any form definitely won’t come soon, with the plan being 2022 at the very earliest. Later on, we found out that Porsche was struggling to electrify the 911 without ruining its iconic nature, and finally, back in 2020 Frank-Steggen Walliser, the man in charge of Porsche’s sports car line, said the 911 would be the last Porsche to go electric. Things clearly haven’t been looking up for an electrified 911 – hybrid or full-on EV. All of that is about to change, though, and the video we have for you today is the proof – it’s a hybrid 911 kicking ass around the Nürburgring.

The First 911 Hybrid for the Road

Way back in 2010, Porsche revealed the 911 GT3 R Hybrid, but it’s sole purpose was for endurance racing, and it was never released to the general public. Now, however, Porsche is working on a real true-to-life 911 Hybrid, and the video you see above showcases it for nearly two minutes on the Nürburgring. The car itself is hardly covered, but you can’t ignore the glorious soundtrack emitted by its exhaust.

For now, it’s believed to go by the name 911 Turbo E-Hybrid, and it’s expected to be angled more toward performance than efficiency. In fact, it will probably sit at the very top of the range, as explained by Porsche’s CEO Oliver Blume in a previous interview. It will likely feature a 400-volt electrical system as opposed to the Taycan’s 800-volt system, but that’s because this won’t be a plug-in model.

Porsche is Developing a 911 Hybrid, and This Video is Proof
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Based on what we can tell from the video, this car has a dual-clutch transmission. Since the 992-Gen 911 has the same eight-speed DCT as the hybrid versions of the Panamera, it would make sense that this one has the same transmission. Unfortunately, this 911 Turbo E-Hybrid won’t debut in 2022, but it will probably arrive in 2023 as a 2024 model. That should be about the same time frame when Porsche will releases the facelifted 911, so it’ll likely be based on the facelifted version of the model too.

Porsche is Developing a 911 Hybrid, and This Video is Proof
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If you’re curious to know about about Porsche’s electrification efforts outside of the Taycan and the 911 hybrid, we know that an electric Porsche 718 concept is about to be revealed and it’ll even retain the same mid-engine driving dynamic that makes the 718 special. The production version of that car is expected to launch in 2024 and it should kick off the real era of electric sports cars.

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