A nice gesture that could see Porsche retain most of the Taycan reservation holders

Well, that’s what premium automakers do for their customers. The automaker has sent the first of several welcome packages and promotional materials to Taycan reservation holders, as the company inches closer to delivering the cars. “Certificates of Participation in the Taycan Deposit Option Program” have been mailed to buyers all across the world that have mangaed to find themselves in the waiting queue. Porsche sure knows how to make its first e-car’s customers feel special.

The Taycan Seems To Have Started On A Positive Note

Porsche has received a very warm reception for the Taycan. Porsche Cars North America CEO Klaus Zellmer, said, "If all the people [who placed the reservations] buy this car, then we are sold out for the first year."

Although the company has not announced the number of cars it would be producing in the first batch, a few discussions on the Taycan forums reveal customer placements in line anywhere from number 20 to over 150 across a sample of dealerships in North America and Europe.

According to Teslarati, some Taycan buyers have dropped their Tesla 3 reservation in favor of Porsche’s first EV. Despite going up against a company that has steamrolled competition before and is the current torch-bearer in the passenger EVs segment, the company from Stuttgart was able to interest the customers mainly because of its longstanding position in the automotive industry as the maker of high-performance vehicles.

Porsche Acknowledges Tesla As Its Main Rival

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Porsche knows it is difficult to pull customers not just because the Taycan is a new car, but also because the competition is ruthless and fierce. Zellmer acknowledged this himself and said, “More than half of the people that are signing up for the Taycan have not owned or do not own a Porsche…Typically, if we look at our source of business, people coming from other brands, it’s Audi, BMW, or Mercedes. The number one brand now is Tesla".

Unlike some other e-cars that announce themselves and then disappear into oblivion, Porsche has actually kept buyers and enthusiasts that are interested in the Taycan updated about what's going on in its life.

After patiently watching the electric car’s developmental activities, the Taycan was spotted at the Nurburgring in December, stretching its muscles and limbs along with other test mules. Then Porsche also promised an ultra-fast charging network, wherein it collaborated with Daimler, BMW, Ford, and the Volkswagen Group in a project to develop the IONITY fast-charging network in Europe. The brand has also installed 500 ultrafast chargers in the U.S.

What’s Inside The Package?

Porsche is Sending Out Some Cool "Certificates of Participation" to Reservation Holders Spyshots Exterior
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The Porsche’s participation package includes a logo-and-signature adorned certificate that greets recipients under the document’s title along with the words, “In recognition of your support in helping us write the next chapter of Porsche, this certificate is issued to:” followed by the reservation holder’s name. An oblique silhouette of the Taycan outlined above the signature of Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Porsche Cars North America is also seen. The black folder securing the certificate has a white print version of the same sketch on the left side and the words “Welcome to an Electric New Era” also printed in white on the right side. Some internet forum discussions also revealed that certain customers in Europe also received silhouetted color photos of the car in the tri-fold and a neon yellow-green charging cord with their participation packages. Sweet, isn’t it?

Porsche Taycan Welcome Letter

Porsche is Sending Out Some Cool "Certificates of Participation" to Reservation Holders Spyshots Exterior
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We’d like to personally thank you for enrolling in the Porsche Taycan Depositor Option Program. For over 70 thrilling years, Porsche’s mission has been driven by one question: What does the sports car of the future look like?

This pursuit of innovation and embrace of the unexpected is what pushes us to bring concepts like the Taycan to fruition, and it wouldn’t be possible without the continuing support of enthusiasts like you.

The Taycan marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for us: the very first all-electric sports car with a Porsche soul. It is the embodiment of a marriage of electricity and emotion that could only be found in a Porsche.

We’ll continue to be in touch in the coming months as we eagerly await the arrival of the Taycan. Additionally, please find enclosed a certificate marking your official status as a participant in this program. We thoroughly appreciate your continued commitment to the future of sports cars.

Klaus Zellmer
CEO, Porsche Cars North America
Pedro Mota
VP, Marketing, Porsche Cars North America

About the Taycan

Porsche is Sending Out Some Cool "Certificates of Participation" to Reservation Holders Exterior Spyshots
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Talking about the Taycan, it is based on the same J1 platform the underpins the Audi E-Tron FT as well. It will be fitted with two permanently excited synchronous motors (PSM) that develops a combined output of 600 horses.

The Taycan will sprint from a standstill to 62 mph in less than 3.5 seconds and to 124 mph in about 12 seconds. The top speed will be "more than 155 miles per hour".

The Taycan is also equipped with an 800-volt battery, which enables the car to cover a distance of 310 miles on a single charge. Even though the 310-mile range does not raise any eyebrows, what’s impressive is the Taycan’s charging speed. It’s reportedly capable of taking enough charge to replenish 248.5 miles worth of range in roughly 15 minutes when connected to a 350-kW charging system.

Three Years of Free Charging is A Nice Way To Lure The Customers

Porsche is Sending Out Some Cool "Certificates of Participation" to Reservation Holders Exterior Spyshots
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In a bid to trump Tesla, Porsche will also offer buyers three years of free charging. In the U.S., Porsche’s parent company, Volkswagen, owns Electrify America, and Porsche Taycan customers will automatically be entitled to use the services.

Each charging session will be 30 minutes long and there will be no limit on how many times it can be used.

Electrify America has plans of having a station every 120 miles on highways. Given that the battery used in the Taycan requires only four minutes to add 60 miles of range, the half an hour session seems more than enough for short-haulers. Porsche will also be adding DC fast charging support at all its191 dealerships in the U.S., and customers will be eligible to use the charging services here as well.

Our Take

Porsche is Sending Out Some Cool "Certificates of Participation" to Reservation Holders Exterior Spyshots
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Tesla displayed a similar gesture when it sent the “token of appreciation” gifts to early Model 3 reservation holders that contained sketches of the vehicle and a note from the CEO, Elon Musk.

But that was not enough to keep the customers engaged for long as some people waited for over 18 months to get their hands on the car.

However, things with Porsche are a little more transparent and customers will perhaps not go through the same ordeal. The Taycan will be released in standard, 4S, and Turbo trim. The standard trim is expected to cost around $90,000, the 4S about $100,000, and the Turbo a little over $130,000. Deliveries are expected to commence in late 2019 or early 2020. What are your thoughts on the Porsche Taycan? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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