The latest sales figures coming from Porsche America this morning show a nice 13% increase compared to the previous year. But let’s take a closer look to understand what Porsche is selling in the USA. The 911 is down by 7% and 61% of the Boxster family cars are Porsche Cayman. So it seems the 911 is loosing ground to the cheaper cousin Cayman.

Out of 3451 Porches sold in the USA last year, 36% were SUV’s. Add to this the 937 boxsters and you have now 63% of the the sales not being 911s.

Porsche keeps cashing out on 911 prestige and it is far from over with the Panamera coming next year, the 928 successor coming 2 years after that and an eventual VW Tiguan clone named Roxster I would expect the 911 to only represent 20% of sales by 2010.

No mention yet of how much profit all this represents but that should be hefty sum.

Way to go Porsche ! You finally understood that the 911 could help other models to succeed if you keep a good distance from the lower end of the market.

Porsche keeps cashing out on 911's back
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milletb  (2) posted on 07.25.2007

nice pictures.

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