What do you do when rival companies use your sports cars as benchmark? If you have a few giggles

It’s no longer a secret that many automakers anonymously buy cars from other companies to benchmark while they are developing a new vehicle. We’ve seen many big brands to that, including Cadillac, BMW, and Lexus, and there’s a big chance others are doing it without drawing attention to themselves. Honda, on the other hand, was caught red-handed by Porsche for buying a 911 GT3 to benchmark against the new NSX hybrid sports car.

Although Honda most likely purchased the car like a regular customer, the German company found out about it after the GT3 was recalled to fix an issue with the engine connecting rods. How is that possible? Well, high-profile sports cars are basically equipped with "black boxes" that provide the manufacturer with all sorts of data as to how the vehicle is being used. The folks over at Porsche likely spent some valuable time to put the pieces together, but as soon they were sure it was Honda’s car, they decided to pull a prank on the Japanese maker.

According to the NSX’s dynamics project leader Nick Robinson, the 911 GT3 returned with a note that said "Good luck Honda from Porsche. See you on the other side" under the engine cover. Someone at Honda had a good laugh — and probably spilled some coffee in the engine bay — over this...

Interestingly enough, Honda was also busted by McLaren for using a 12C to benchmark the NSX. But, instead of leaving a note, the Brits wanted to know "where did you go 205 mph? What track?" according to Robinson.

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Why It Matters?

You don’t see automakers pulling jokes like this every day, but it goes to show that it’s the least you can do when other companies are using your vehicles to benchmark their own products. After all, it’s not like Porsche can prevent it from happening as long as the folks over at Honda purchased the car under legal terms. And besides, having you cars used as benchmarks means you developed a pretty solid product. All told, having a few giggles is the best way to handle opportunities like that.

Source: Automotive News

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