• Porsche Macan Gains 911 Looks, More Equipment

The 911 of the compact crossover market

Introduced in 2014 as a smaller alternative to the already iconic Cayenne, the Porsche Macan is a sales success with more than 350,000 units delivered in four years. The German manufacturer is now looking to add to the momentum with a mid-cycle update that makes the crossover sportier than ever before and adds new equipment inside the cabin.

911-inspired Design

Porsche Macan Gains 911 Looks, More Equipment Exterior
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Up front, we can see the already familiar four-point LED headlamps

Following trends seen on the latest Cayenne and Panamera, the Macan gained new exterior features borrowed from the 911 sports car. Up front, we can see the already familiar four-point LED headlamps. These are standard on every trim. Below, the grille and the side vents have been revised. The grille now features horizontal slats only, while the side vents no longer have daytime running lights at the top.

The lower vents below are wider, while the center outlet is perfectly rectangular. Both features make the Macan seem wider. Finally, the apron is more aggressive than before, being almost as sharp as a full-fledged diffuser.

Porsche Macan Gains 911 Looks, More Equipment Exterior
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Around back, the revised taillights gained the LED strip that we've already seen on the 911

The side view remains unchanged save for the new wheel designs in 20- and 21-inch sizes, but you can now opt to have the dent below the doors finished in black. Around back, the revised taillights gained the LED strip that we’ve already seen on the 911 and the Panamera. This new feature is particularly cool as it makes the Macan look wider and sportier at the same time. The rear is rounded out by a new diffuser with round exhaust pipes. Porsche also added three new exterior colors, called Miami Blue, Mamba Green Metallic, Dolomite Silver Metallic, and Crayon.

New Steering Wheel and Features

Porsche Macan Gains 911 Looks, More Equipment Interior
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The most obvious upgrade is the larger infotainment screen, which now has an 11-inch diagonal

Facelifted interiors aren’t something to write home about most of the time, but Porsche made some big changes inside the cabin. The most obvious upgrade is the larger infotainment screen, which now has an 11-inch diagonal. In order to fit the big display, the German deleted the massive A/C vents on each side and add smaller units below. The enhanced PCM system, which enables access to new digital functions, also eliminated most of the buttons for a cleaner center stack design.

The next big change is the GT sports steering wheel. Inspired by the one in the 911 it has new controls and even a mode switch and a Sport Response Button. The latter are offered when the crossover is optioned up with the Sport Chrono Package. The Macan also gained a revised Connect Plus module and optional Traffic Jam Assist, an ionizer, and a heatable windscreen.

Same Engines, Improved Chassis

Porsche Macan Gains 911 Looks, More Equipment Exterior
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Under the skin, the facelifted Macan benefits from an updated chassis

Under the skin, the facelifted Macan benefits from an updated chassis that offers "enhanced neutrality while maintaining stability and improving comfort." It also has a revised all-wheel-drive Porsche Traction Management (PTM) system and newly developed tires with improved grip. Porsche had nothing to say about the engines, so it’s safe to assume that all unit was carried over with the same specs.

The lineup should start with the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder rated at 252 horsepower and 273 pound-feet, while the 3.0-liter V-6 should deliver the same 340 horses and 339 pound-feet or 360 horsepower and 369 pound-feet. The range-topping Macar Turbo should use the same 3.6-liter V-6 with 400 horses and 406 pound-feet, with the Performance Package to increase output to 440 horsepower and 443 pound-feet. Finally, the diesel model should come in two flavors, with 211 or 258 horsepower and 428 pound-feet.

Pricing information is not yet available, but stay tuned for updates and a full review of the crossover.

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Porsche Macan Gains 911 Looks, More Equipment Exterior
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Press release

Porsche has unveiled the new Macan in Shanghai. The compact SUV has been a great success since its launch in 2014, and has now been significantly enhanced in terms of its design, comfort, connectivity and driving dynamics, allowing the Macan to remain the sporty flagship in its segment.

The new Macan stays true to the Porsche design DNA with a three-dimensional LED tail light strip. LED technology also features in the headlights as standard. The most striking innovations inside the vehicle include the 11-inch touchscreen of the new Porsche Communication Management (PCM), re-designed and re-positioned air vents and the GT sports steering wheel familiar from the 911. The PCM enables access to new digital functions, such as intelligent voice control and the online navigation system provided as standard. The vehicle’s range of comfort equipment has also been expanded to include a traffic jam assist, an ioniser and a heatable windscreen.
LED headlights and new tail light strip as standard

Thanks to a number of conscious changes to the exterior, the new Macan now has an even sportier and more modern look. Numerous details reflect the DNA of the iconic 911 sports car and the 918 Spyder. In particular, the topic of lighting plays a key role: The new Macan is equipped with headlights featuring LED technology as standard.

This high-quality lighting system featuring modules with a three-dimensional design can be further optimised if desired: The Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS) can be used to adaptively control the light distribution. The front end of the Macan has been meticulously re-worked so that it now appears even wider, while the comprehensive overhaul at the rear builds on the sleek design of the predecessor model. The three-part, three-dimensional LED light strip represents another typical Porsche design element at the rear. The four-point design of the brake lights also reflects the brand’s identity.
New options: GT sports steering wheel, ioniser and Traffic Jam Assist

The link to the 911 is consolidated in the interior of the new Macan with the optional GT sports steering wheel. The mode switch plus Sport Response Button integrated into the steering wheel is also showcased in the Macan as part of the optional Sports Chrono Package. Porsche has extended the list of comfort options to include a heated windscreen and an ioniser to improve the air quality in the interior. New exterior colours such as “Miami Blue”, “Mamba Green Metallic” “Dolomite Silver Metallic” and “Crayon” combined with new interior packages ensure that the Macan is now more customisable than ever before.

The interior

Porsche has also used the facelift as an opportunity to expand the range of assistance systems in the Macan. The new Traffic Jam Assist including adaptive cruise control enables more comfortable and relaxed driving behaviour at speeds up to 60 km/h. Not only does the system feature partially automated acceleration and braking – it also assists with steering in a traffic jam or in slow-moving traffic.
11-inch touchscreen display and full connectivity

Through the new Porsche Communication Management (PCM), the Macan offers total connectivity and numerous digital functions. Above the typical Porsche rising centre console, a full-HD touchscreen enlarged from seven to eleven inches has been incorporated seamlessly into the newly designed instrument panel. Just like in the Panamera and Cayenne, the user interface on the infotainment system can be customised using predefined tiles. The air vents have also been re-designed and are now positioned below the central screen.

Each Macan is equipped with a Connect Plus module, making every vehicle fully networked as standard. This module underpins various digital functions and services such as intelligent voice control and the real-time traffic information that forms part of the standard online navigation system. One of the key elements of this system is the “Here Cloud” connection, which offers cutting-edge, swarm-based traffic data. Using the new Offroad Precision App, it is also possible to record and analyse off-road driving experiences in the Macan.
Optimised chassis with new tyres and wheels

Thanks to its optimised chassis, the new Macan is able to consolidate its exceptional status as a sports car in the compact SUV segment. Fine-tuning of the chassis delivers enhanced neutrality while maintaining stability and improving comfort. Although unusual for the SUV segment, the Macan still features mixed tyres with different widths on the front and rear axles. As with Porsche sports cars, this arrangement enables the driver to take full advantage of the intelligent, all-wheel drive Porsche Traction Management (PTM) when it comes to driving dynamics. Newly developed tyres with improved performance characteristics enable even better lateral dynamics for enhanced driving pleasure, while the new 20- and 21-inch wheels also offer greater scope to customise the design.

A model of success: more than 350,000 Macan deliveries since 2014

The Macan is a genuine success story. The combination of typical Porsche performance on any terrain coupled with a high degree of everyday practicality impressed customers right from the start: Since 2014, Porsche has delivered more than 350,000 units. With over 100,000 deliveries to date, the model is especially popular in the Chinese market where Porsche unveiled the redesigned compact SUV. The model presented in Shanghai will be offered exclusively in the Chinese market. Other models and markets will follow during the course of the year.

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