• Porsche makes formal application in order to challenge London’s Mayor

Porsche makes formal application in order to challenge London's Mayor
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According to Porsche, an official letter sent by TfL and Mayor Ken Livingstone revealed the fact that the request for changing the proposed introduction of a new £25 charge on some vehicles entering London has been rejected. Since the only way to convince them that they are wrong is only the Law Courts, Porsche decided to request a juridicial review.

A juridicial review is a procedure by which individuals and organisations seek to challenge the decision, action or failure to act of a public body such as a government department or local authorities but also other body exercising a public law function.

Porsche makes formal application in order to challenge London's Mayor
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“The new £25 charge will have no meaningful impact on congestion and TfL’s own figures show the anticipated CO2 emissions savings in a year could be equivalent to less than four hours of emissions from Heathrow. All it will do is unfairly hit large numbers of drivers in London and undermine London’s attractiveness as a place to do business. We are therefore formally applying for judicial review to challenge the Mayor’s proposals and we are confident we have a strong case.” Said Andy Goss, Managing Director of Porsche Cars.

The Mayor and TfL will then have 21 days to acknowledge Porsche’s request and 35 days to prepare their defence. We all know that innovation and attention to details are the keywords that describe Porsche cars but in this case we can talk about a new drastic measure taken in order to reduce CO2 emissions, a measure that could be useful in the near future for all of us!

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  (814) posted on 10.11.2010

Well that’s a good move from the Porsche. London’s mayor should do something about this.

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