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Remember when it was reported that Porsche could be developing a smaller version of the Mission E sedan, one that even came with a “Pajun E” codename? Well, turns out that it may not be the only Porsche model that could be based out of the Mission E. A new report coming by way of Carscoops claims that the German automaker is looking to start an entire family of EV models that will make use of the Mission E’s platform.

Word came straight from Michael Steiner, a member of Porsche’s executive board for research and development, who said that the Mission E’s “conceptual design” has the potential to spring forth opportunities “to do more with its platform.” While he didn’t specifically detail the models that will spring forth from the Mission E’s platform, there is some optimism that, if the stars align, Porsche can dip into this well and, well, make something happen.

The fact that the Mission E’s platform is scalable adds weight to Steiner’s comments. Porsche developed the platform specifically for that purpose, allowing it the flexibility to look into other possible models that it could add to its EV lineup provided that the Mission E sedan is successful. The Pajun E has already been brought up previously as the next possible model, but after that, there’s still no specific direction that the German automaker is leading towards. It could be an electric SUV, something Steiner said is achievable “with some modifications.”

The important thing is that the Mission E’s platform is capable of making these models come to life, provided they make a good business case for Porsche. It’s still going to depend on a number of factors, including battery technology, but if or when that “trigger point” is reached as Steiner explains, Porsche is fully equipped to spring to action and get the ball rolling on new EV models.

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Plenty of possibilities to choose from

On the surface, this piece of news isn’t really ground-breaking because the company has already hinted in the past about what’s likely to happen with the Mission E’s platform. But having more and more people from Porsche’s top brass talking about it and explaining some of the possibilities is the exciting part. Now it’s Michael Steiner, a man who’s as plugged into the German automaker’s research and development division.

Granted, he didn’t say much that could be interpreted as directly admitting the possibility of future Porsche EV models arriving after the Mission E, but like Porsche CEO Oliver Blume, Steiner didn’t shy away from giving his thoughts on the matter, even hinting the possibility of an electric SUV being developed at some point in the future using the same platform.

Speaking of which, the real MVP here is that scalable platform and Porsche deserves credit for at least looking at the long-term possibilities of having a versatile platform for its EV models. It just goes to show that when the company started developing the Mission E Concept, it did so knowing that there’s a chance the Mission E wouldn’t be the only EV model that’ll soon wear a Porsche badge.

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Source: Carscoops

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