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Porsche’s old museum at its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany used to follow the maxim "Small but good", and a visit there proved it. The whole museum and gift shop was located in a space that was about the size of most company’s boardrooms. The clear benefit to the small area was every piece featured was significant. The huge drawback was that everyone who saw that museum knew there was huge piece of the company’s history missing.

Porsche did not ignore this problem. It spent over two years building the new museum, which opened its doors on January 31, 2008. When we made the visit earlier this month it still had the new museum smell.

Porsche Museum visit
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This is the ultimate destination for any Porsche fan. It not only houses all the significant pieces from the company’s history, but also concept cars that have been long forgotten. Ever wonder what Butzi’s original design was for the 911? (pictured right) Or what a long-wheelbase 911 would look like? (orange car in the picture gallery)

The new museum gives Porsche the room it deserves. The multi-story complex features road cars, racecars and even an observation area into the restoration facility. Porsche is a celebrated carmaker, and its finally got the showcase it deserves.

Of course anyone taking the time to travel to Stuttgart wants to see the factory complex surrounding the museum (trust me, it’s worth it). Unlike the Leipzig facility, Porsche’s home factory is not available to everyone and takes some planning ahead. A good start is making friends with the local Porsche dealer.

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