Porsche is offering aerokits for the Cayman and Turbo 997 models. For the 911 Turbo the Aerokit is priced at 4.920 euro.

The Turbo Aerokit features a new front splitter spoiler and a new engine cover with rear spoiler and fixed aerofoil profile. The aerodynamically optimized components minimize lift on both axles, improve stability and emphasize the dynamic lines of the vehicle. In addition to these components, the standard sill trims and standard rear underside can be painted in the color of the exterior.

Porsche offers aerokits for Cayman and Turbo 997
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The Aerokit for the Cayman will make your car looking even sportier and more dynamic. It features an improved aerodynamics and reduce the lift coefficients on the front and rear axles. The aerodynamics and design of the vehicle have been improved by front splitter spoilers and a new fixed rear spoiler, giving a more stable drive and, as a result, even more fun.

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  (6023) posted on 03.1.2008

this car is truly the best car EVER MADE. If porsche ever stops making this car they will really screw up big time. the price is very reasonalbe but could drop another 7,500 dollars.

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