In the past few months or so, Porsche has revealed that they are planning the production of a new model to be placed under the current Panamera. We’re not really sure why they are planning this, but it probably has something to do with the fact that the Panamera has been very well-received in spite of the huffs and puffs of Porsche fanatics wanting the company to stick to sports cars. Until now, rumors of this future Pajun (Panamera Junior) model will be offered only as a sedan, but now German magazine Autobild is reporting that Porsche will also be offering a Pajun station wagon and that both will arrive in 2017.

The future Pajun will be built on an entirely new platform and will be offered with a new range of engines: six-cylinder gasoline units with 320, 420, and 520 HP and a six-cylinder diesel engine with up to 313 HP. It will especially target models like the Mercedes E-Class.

The future Porsche Pajun will be priced at about €65,000, or about $85,000 at the current exchange rates.


Source: Autobild

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