9ff decided a while a go that it didn’t need to have its hands on a Porsche Panamera to start customizing it. Even without an official debut of the car, plans seem to be moving forward to tune the Porsche’s sedan.

According to a Russian website called Cardesign, tuner 9ff is teaming up with Top Car and Cardi to modify the Porsche Panamera. The chain seems to start with Top Car designing two kits: one that replaces all the body panels except for the roof and a tamer package that just adds new front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a revised hood. Cardi will be responsible for the manufacturing and possible installation of the panels. 9ff will do what it does best and work on the engine, transmission and suspension.

There are no specifics about the performance upgrades to the car, but not surprising considering the Panamera has not yet even been seen in the flesh yet. What can be expected is that it will be a quick machine considering the other Porsches 9ff has gotten its hands on.


Source: cardesign.ru

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