Here in America, a lot of us have probably circled the date ‘October 17’ on our calendars, and for good reason, too.

And if you don’t know what’s so special about that date – apart from around 21 million people celebrating their birthdays (yes, we crunched the numbers!) – that’s the day when the Porshce Panamera goes on sale in the US.

But while the Panamera is still a few weeks away from tasting American soil, the car has already been sold in a number of European countries, including the Czech Republic. And unfortunately for this man who happened to have one of the said Panameras in Prague, he now also holds the distinction for being the first person to crash Porsche’s new sports car.

Although it’s just a light fender bender – we’ve seen far worse crashes than this one – crashing a new sports car is still pretty hard to come to grips with, especially since the Panamera only went on sale in Europe a few weeks ago.

Ultimately, we don’t see any reason why the man can’t pay for the damages to his car and we expect him to do so. After all, he was able to afford one in the first place, right?


Source: Wrecked Exotics

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  (1333) posted on 02.10.2010

He definitely should have the money to get it fixed. Or if he doesn’t want it no more, then get a replacement, buy a new one. I think great cars like this are understandable if you crash it whilst on high speed but on the city where speed is not that allowed, you just have to ask on who gave that man a license to drive?

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