Hold off on those plans to buy the whimsical-sounding Porsche Pajun. You’re likely not going to see the model until at least 2019, so says a reported overhaul of the automaker’s roll-out product plans, known as the Porsche Product Strategy 2018.

CAR is reporting that a significant turning of the tide within Porsche stemming from the scrapping of the company’s future intentions and the Pajun is one of the unwitting victims of this drastic change of heart.

Porsche Product Strategy 2018 Initial called for the Pajun to be launched within the next four years. That timetable is still a little stretched, but at least it was concrete enough to justify the wait.

But with CAR saying that the Volkswagen Group is trying to scale down its investments in future products for supposed business reasons, all those plans under Porsche Product Strategy 2018 are now being set aside.

Initially, the Pajun was part of those plans. But with this new directive coming down from the mothership, the timetable for the model’s launch has been moved further into the future. The earliest date being thrown around is 2019, but even that appears to be an optimistic view of things.

So there’s a possibility that we won’t even see the production Pajun for another 10 years. That may be a glass-half-empty way of looking at this development, but when it comes to long-term timetables like this, it’s best to not keep your hopes up.

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Why It Matters

At the very least, we can take comfort knowing that the Porsche Macan at least made it into production and that the new Porsche 718 sports car is still in the short-term pipeline.

It’s a pity for the Pajun, though. It looked promising when it was first announced as a competitor to the likes of the Maserati Ghibli, Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class, and BMW 5 Series. At the very least, it gave Porsche an entry into a highly competitive segment that would test how far its turn to luxury sedans has come since the introduction of the Panamera.

Now it looks like we’re all going to wait a lot longer for that answer.

Porsche Pajun

Porsche Panamera Junior Pushed Back to at Least 2019 Exclusive Renderings
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A lot of people were excited when word first came out that Porsche was planning to offer a baby brother model to the Panamera. It took the name "Pajun," which apparently was derived from ’Panamera Junior’.

Porsche’s intention in building the Pajun was pretty clear. The success of the Panamera drove a new segment of buyers into the Porsche family. So the company took advantage of that with its plan to diversify its luxury offerings. That’s when the Pajun came into the picture.

The company has been tight-lipped on specific details surrounding the model, but past reports have indicated that the Pajun was going to be fitted with V-6 engines, carrying output numbers ranging from 260 horsepower for the base model all the way to around 520 horsepower for the top-of-the-line Pajun Turbo S.

Source: CAR

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