Recall issues aside, the Porsche Panamera did exactly what Porsche wanted it to do: sell a lot of cars.

The Stuttgart-based manufacturer recently posted record-breaking sales numbers for the Panamera in the US for the month of April, selling 678 units. These numbers make it the best-selling Porsche model in America since the car was introduced in the market last October.

The surge in demand for the Panamera was even more impressive, given the fact that the four-door saloon was still subjected to a recall because of issues with the car’s seatbelts. Despite the strong sales of the Panamera, Porsche still encountered a pretty rough April for the rest of its current model line, selling only a total of 1,747 units for the entire month, which is down 6% from their sales numbers back in April 2009.

Nevertheless, we expect Porsche to be optimistic because the Panamera is doing so well - seat belt issues nothwithstanding - not just in the US, but all over the world as well.


Source: Porsche

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  (808) posted on 05.16.2010

Congratulations to porsche! Well the panamera is a true success to the Porsche.. many like it more than the rapide.

  (666) posted on 05.13.2010

Wow impressive sales, I bet the sales of porsche are doing well this year.. I hope they can sell more.. For sure panamera was one hell of a show stopper that’s why it out sales the Rapide.

  (555) posted on 05.12.2010

That’s great! I knew that Porsche Panamera will be very successful in america because american people have some taste of a fashionable cars.

  (428) posted on 05.12.2010

Every time Porsche comes out with a new, big, ridiculous Porsche that betrays the "every Porsche is a race car" mantra I think this is the one that bursts the bubble. And then it sells a ton. It’s very disappointing.

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