When the German automaker Porsche came up with the four door luxury sports sedan Panamera they created a new class of automobile that grants well to do high performance enthusiasts the opportunity to scare the pants off of their friends, three at a time. And as good as a 500 HP turbocharged V8 powered GT car might sound, the tuning firm SpeedArt feels that they can do the new Panamera Turbo one better with their PS9 kit. The new tuning package enhances all aspects of the Panamera by upgrading the exterior and interior as well as what’s under the hood.

Porsche Panamera PS9 by SpeedART
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The aero package consists of a SpeedART design chin spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser and spoiler to channel air and keep the Panamera’s wide rear end planted when at its newfound speed. Rounding out the exterior are a set of their Black-Matte-Edition type LSC-FORGED wheels measuring 18 inches in diameter. On the inside SpeedArt adds racy touches like a sport steering wheel, aluminum F1 paddle shifters and a carbon fiber trim kit. As good as the PS9 Panamera might look inside and out, SpeedART worked the most magic under the hood.

Porsche Panamera PS9 by SpeedART
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The engine tuning programs will take the Turbocharged Panamera to various stages of output ranging from a slight 520 HP upgrade to a 550 HP, 600 HP and 650 HP output levels. In order to achieve the higher horsepower numbers SpeedART had to upgrade the Panamera’s turbochargers add a less restrictive exhaust that starts off with a pair of sport catalysts and ends with a pair of sound control twin tailpipes. On the cleaner side of things the Panamera benefits from a free flowing air filter and the all important ECU upgrade. The most powerful version is able to accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.5 seconds and reach a very impressive and underwear soiling top speed of 200 MPH.


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