When it was first unveiled back in 2005, the Porsche RS Spyder made all other endurance racers take notice that the German automaker was getting back into prototype racing in a big way. The agile LMP2 RS Spyder went so far as to beat the bigger, more powerful LMP1 entrants of Audi and Peugeot at one of the toughest endurance races of all time, the 12 Hours of Sebring.

Now take this championship winning power plant and carbon composite chassis and envision a road going version, because Porsche has. Set to most likely keep the RS Spyder name, the future German sports car will be powered by a 3.4 Liter V8 that produces somewhere around 400 HP, even though in race trim the RS Spyder makes 480 HP. When the car does hit the public streets expect it to be much lighter than any of Porsches high-performance sports cars due to its carbon fiber monocoque construction inherited from the Le Mans prototype racer.

The more I write this article, the more it seems that the road going RS Spyder will be a replacement for the 612 HP Carrera GT super car that disappeared back in 2005.


Source: Automobile Magazine

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  (4) posted on 05.20.2009

are u guys all stupid?! That is a Porsche Carrera GT!

  (137) posted on 05.19.2009

With the given specs. I think all they have to do to bring this car to the autoshow for good inspection

  (314) posted on 05.19.2009

I am wondering how the same peformance of the prototype racing car can be replicated in a new street type bodykit.

  (289) posted on 05.19.2009

With the RS Spyder, Porsche returns to prototype motor racing. The race car corresponding to LMP2 regulations (Le Mans prototype 2) is the first to be built exclusively for motorsport by Porsche since the overall winner of Le Mans in 1998, the 911 GT1. Now a road master is being conceptualized to bring the same car on the legal road.

  (318) posted on 05.18.2009

This is awesome. Totally awsome! I hope Porsche unveils it soon

  (231) posted on 05.18.2009

The RS Spyder (known internally as Type 9R6) is a LMP2 class race car built by Porsche. It marks the return of the Porsche factory to the upper echelons of sports car racing since the Porsche 911 GT1 finished the 1998 season. This street car version would be equally promising

  (421) posted on 05.18.2009

Wow this 2005 stesler really deserve such a new attention and recognition

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