Proving that one-percenters can have car problems too, Porsche has issued a worldwide recall for 918 Spyders built before April 2015 for a service inspection. The precautionary recall affects 223 918 Spyders in the United States and a handful of cars in Europe. The issue stems from a wiring harness for a radiator fan than can potentially be damaged by an adjacent carbon-fiber component. Doesn’t sound like anything a Zip Tie can’t fix.

Porsche says it already has a fix and will be contacting owners of affected cars shortly. The repairs will be done at no cost to customers and should only take about half a day.

This is actually the third recall for the $845,000-dollar hybrid hypercar. The first, in September of 2015, affected 46 cars and involved rear-axle control arms that could apparently fail during extended periods of time at high speeds. The second, in December of the same year, was essentially the same problem as before, but with the front axle.

You might also remember that Ferrari issued a recall for the LaFerrari to a fix a fuel tank issue that wasn’t actually a recall. Details were never made official, but reports suggest the measure was taken to minimize fire risk and that new fuel tanks sprayed with non-conductive coating replaced the old ones.

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Why it matters

Any highly complex, new technology is going to come with its share of bugs, and the current hypercar trifecta is no exception. Cars like the Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 represented uncharted territory for the engineering teams behind them, and considering just how incredibly fast and easy they are to drive, we can probably forgive a few faulty fasteners. More than anything this is Porsche being transparent and open about a relatively minor problem.

Porsche 918 Spyder

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Press Release

Porsche has issued a global recall for 918 Spyder models that have already been delivered. This precautionary recall for a service inspection affects 223 vehicles in the United States. This is because the electric wiring harness for a radiator fan in vehicles manufactured up until the end of April 2015 could be damaged by a carbon-fiber component. The wiring harness will be examined and optimally remounted in the work shop.

The cause was identified following a detailed examination of inquiries. Corrective measures have subsequently been taken in manufacturing. The owners of the affected vehicles will be contacted directly by Porsche Cars North America. The service visit, which will be free of charge, will be arranged as quickly as possible and the inspection will likely require the vehicle to be left in the shop for half a day.

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