• Porsche’s Boxster EV Will Force Audi And BMW To Step Up Their Game

Can the Electric Porsche 718 really kickstart the future of electric sports cars?

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We already know that the Porsche 911 will most likely be the last of the brand’s cars to transition into an electric vehicle, and rightfully so, I might add. However, as of today, there aren’t any real electric sports cars on the market. I suppose you could argue that the new Tesla Roadster is a sports car, but for the sake of argument Tesla kind of stands on its own and who knows when the Roadster will really make production. Then you’ve got cars like the Audi E-Tron GT and its sister the Porsche Taycan, and while they are sporty and quick, it doesn’t exactly fit the sports car segment like a Porsche 718, Audi TT, or even the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra twins. Oddly enough, there’s little official chatter of any cars in this segment going electric. Well, until now that is.

The Porsche Boxster EV Is Just the Start of Electric Sports Cars

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Shortly following news that the fate of the next-gen Porsche 718 was officially on the table, a new report came to say that Porsche was working on a “Boxster EV” and that a concept is coming soon. And, even though there’s a strong case for a Porsche 911 EV – if you factor out the consideration of battery weight – going electric with the 718 makes even more sense. Especially when it’s said that an ICE version of the 718 will be sold alongside the electric model, much like Porsche is planning to do with the Macan EV. Of course, I should tell you that the Macan EV might not be a Macan, but that’s a conversation for another time. The point is that the news of the Boxster EV got me thinking, and the bottom line is that it’s going to spearhead the shift of the entire small sportscar segment.

Porsche's Boxster EV Will Force Audi And BMW To Step Up Their Game
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As of now, BMW isn’t planning to follow-up on the current BMW Z4 – once it goes out of production, that’s supposed to be it. And last we heard, Audi was completely unsure of what to do with the Audi R8 and the Audi TT, meaning neither may survive beyond their current generations or the next generation at best. With the Toyota Supra being based on the Z4, there’s a good chance it’ll be a one-and-done ordeal too, and Mazda hasn’t exactly been open about electrification plans for the MX-5, either.

Porsche's Boxster EV Will Force Audi And BMW To Step Up Their Game
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So what happens later this year when Porsche unveils a Boxster EV concept that is, reportedly, near-production ready? Will it take less than the five years it took the Mission E to morph into the Taycan and MX-5 electric too. Perhaps a couple of automakers are secretly working on their own electric compact sports cars or maybe they aren’t. If they are, then all the better for us, and if they aren’t, expect to watch them all scatter like roaches when the lights come on as they start scrambling to take their rightful pieces of the pie before Porsche comes to dominate a lightly touched segment.

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