Earlier this month we announced that Porsche was looking at possibly making its own version of the future four-cylinder roadster from Volkswagen and Audi. At the time the assumption was that the car would be compared to the 914 and would possibly carry its name. Now Car Magazine is wondering if Porsche will reach further back into its history and call the car 356. From this new perspective, the future roadster from Stuttgart may look like the picture above.

Whether or not Porsche decides to join the new roadster project, it looks likely that Volkswagen and Audi will team up for the project. VW will likely show its future version at this year’s Los Angles Auto Show. Audi’s concept will likely appear later as a replacement for the current TT.

Although the 356 would be an appropriate name for the new small offering from Porsche (the original 356 was Volkswagen-based and had it’s engine behind the driver,) it would be hard for Porsche to resurrect the 356 name. Not only is still-in-production 911 is considered a direct decedent of the 356, but the 356 is also a sacred name in Porsche circles because it is the car that started it all. So, Porsche should know better than to plunge its history to sell a few cars, right?


Source: CarMagazine

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