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Porsche recently unveiled the 992-generation 911 and, needless to say, it looks a lot like its predecessor. This isn’t surprising though. Porsche has been using the same silhouette for decades now, and it’s one of the features that made the 911 iconic and popular. But like every generation before, the current 911 boasts a few unique styling cues.

Some of the unique features may be hard to notice, so Porsche’s Director of Exterior Design, Peter Varga, talks about five of them in the video below. The list includes the third brake light integrated into the engine lid. What makes it unique? Its vertical integration. While most cars have horizontal brake lights on their spoilers or tailgates, the 911 features a double vertical lights. Placed in the center of the lid, it looks like a pause button, which is both cool and unique.

The rear section includes yet another distinctive feature. And this one’s more obvious, as it stretches the entire width of the fascia.

I'm talking about the continuous taillight strip, which is a tribute to the first-generation 911 Turbo.

Also inspired by this classic model are the wide wheel arches. Sure, the 911 always had wide arches, but the 992-generation is wider than any of its predecessors.

Porsche's Peter Varga Explains What Makes the 2020 Porsche 911 Unique
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The increased width is visible up front as well, but this design feature was a necessity, as the 911 now has a wider front track. But the fenders are notably longer too, to the point where you can actually see them from behind the steering wheel. Varga ends the video with the overall proportions of the car. The 911 is now lower and wider, which makes it sleeker and sportier. Varga says it’s "cooler" than before, and I couldn’t agree more.

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