• Porsche Says 718 Won’t Happen

If you were hoping the rumors that Porsche was going to build the 718, a car smaller and cheaper than the current Boxster were true, I am about to break your heart. During the Paris Motor Show, Automotive News caught up with the CEO of Porsche North America, Detlev von Platen, to discuss the future of Porsche and he quickly shot down the idea. "You won’t see anything lower than the current Boxster model," he said. "We had many discussions about this in the group, and the decision was made that the time is not right."

It comes down to deciding what makes a proper “entry-level” car for the brand. If you take the label too far down the pricing range, you risk sacrificing brand cache that brings buyers into the higher tiers. According to von Platen, "Our entry model is our pre-owned program." So if you want a cheaper Porsche, go buy an old one.

Von Platen may have been forward with information regarding the small cheaper “718”, but remained exceedingly tight-lipped when it came to questions regarding the potential Ferrari-competitor “988” and the smaller "Pajun" sedan. Considering there was no out-right refusal about these new models, coupled with the unsurpassed demand for the new Macan, Porsche has plenty of resources to create a few new cars for the portfolio.

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Why It Matters

Porsche doesn’t need to court lower priced sports cars to bring new customers into the brand. By focusing on the SUV side of the business to attract new buyers, Porsche can retain the cache and purity of its sports car division. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but when Porsche has to share platforms, technologies and powertrains across all of its models, making room for a lower-level production sports car can dramatically impact the models positioned above it in both performance and quality.

Porsche 718

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The Porsche 718 was a rumored entry-level model that would slot in under the Boxster. It would be a two-door roadster, just like the Boxster, but it would be lighter, smaller and much cheaper. The four-cylinder engine family that Porsche is currently testing was supposed to be for this model, but now it seems the new engines are destined to power the Boxster.

Source: Automotive News

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