In a year that has been full of uncertainty, recalls, and what-have-you, at least one brand is ending it on a really high note.

For better or for worse, Porsche has had a really good year and their fortunes haven’t gone unrecognized by a lot of their peers. The automaker from Stuttgart, Germany is being recognized by a variety of media outlets for a year where it has released a steady diet of high-performance and ultra-popular cars. While some people might think that the company was lucky to have the year it has had, the folks at Porsche would prefer to describe it as “business as usual”.

Over in their homeland of Germany, the Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT) listed three of Porsche’s sports as having the best value retention with the Porsche 911 leading the pack, followed by both the Boxster and the Cayman. Thee cars in the top-three. Pretty impressive.

On the other side of the world in the Land Down Under, a jury comprising of eleven motor journalists from the “Sydney Morning Herald”, “The Age” and “" chose the Porsche Boxster as the best convertible of 2010 and more importantly, giving it the “Drive Car of the Year Award” for the second year in a row.

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In the UK, the celebrated auto magazine, EVO, picked the Porsche 911 GT3 RS as the winner of the “Car of the Year 2010”. One of the cars that the 911 GT3 RS beat out for the top step in the podium was the 911 GT2 RS, which finished a pretty impressive third place, making Porsche the only automaker to have two cars in the top ten of a group filled with some pretty heady competition. Even Top Gear’s Richard Hammond joined in on the praises for the 911 GT2 RS, naming it his own personal “Car of the Year.” Speaking of Top Gear, the UK auto show also bestowed their “Man of the Year” award to Wolfgang Dürheimer, Porsche’s development director for his brainchild concept vehicle, the 918 Spyder.

Finally, here in local soil, Porsche continued its impressive showing in these year-end awards by having two cars – the Boxster and the Cayman – in Car and Driver Magazine’s list of ten best vehicles on sale in the US. Porsche’s presence in the top ten. This is also the 10th time in 12 years that one of Stuttgart’s finest has made an appearance on the list.

All told, that’s four different countries in three different continents sharing the same sentiment: for all the drama surrounding 2010, Porsche has managed to rise above it all and establish its place as one of the most popular and highly sought after auto brands on the planet today.

Source: Porsche

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  (334) posted on 06.1.2011

I would never question this car with all its award for I believe they really deserve it. BTW, If not mistaken the 911, Boxster and the Cayman is preparing for the Frankfurt Motor Show. If I have the money I definitely wants to own one.

  (580) posted on 05.31.2011

Team Porsche, Congratulations. We already knew it. Your team worked so hard to achieve great success in the car industry.

  (579) posted on 05.31.2011

I’ve been always a fan of Porsche. You can see its clean and award winning tracking records for improvements of their design and concepts. I’m glad that these people keep on making good cars for everybody.

  (553) posted on 02.13.2011

The R8 needs to stop being so popular after 3 years in production...And the Ram is so far beyond the F-150 as far as I’m concerned. The Raptor is nice though.

  (273) posted on 02.13.2011

The SVT Raptor for hauling?Shouldn’t that go to an HD truck?I’ve heard the new Silverado and Sierra are pretty nice. I’d say the Mustang is the big winner though.

  (406) posted on 12.22.2010

The Lexus tuning world is a vast territory that includes multiple special rides. Today, we are going to talk about a 2009 LS460 that has received a custom treatment.

  (763) posted on 12.21.2010

I think that’s not the reason, I guess porsche is still on number one in making great and quality car. that’s why they still sell well over the market.

  (701) posted on 12.20.2010

If so, my question is - where is my survey? We bought a new car 3 months ago and have yet to see any survey from JD Power, CR or anybody else.

  (613) posted on 12.19.2010

nope it’s not that.. because of the quality and performance and of course the price is little bit lower than its competitors.

  (778) posted on 12.19.2010

agree I guess that for the different variants of porsche.. porsche is just like the Colt m4a1, there are a lot of variants but actually its just an plain old black rifle.

  (101) posted on 12.17.2010

No wondering Ferrari understood that red-black and a bit of yellow makes a great car.

Now Porsche showed that some red touches on black, is also a success formula.

Back to the subject, I think Porsche is the greatest german auto brand and it deserve the awards!

  (46) posted on 12.17.2010

Wow, fabulous photo! And great colors too. Congrats on the awards!

  (542) posted on 12.17.2010

well they make a lot of variations of the Porsche, you have the gemballa, techart, and many more with those tuners they will surely sell well over the market.

  (346) posted on 12.17.2010

Congrats to Porsche. Im amazed about how their able to keep one design for so long and still be able to improve it and make it look good always.

  (340) posted on 12.16.2010

I guess this is because of the different models and mods that they sell, I wonder how many mods did a porsche make in a year.

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