First Porsche denied any rumors regarding a new entry-level model, but then confirmed it shortly after. The new model, a two-seater open air sports coupe will be placed just under the Boxster and should arrive by 2013.

The new Porsche Spyder will be based on the Volkswagen Bluesport Concept, as well as the future Audi R2. The roadster will measure in at 3.99 meters long and feature the same folding canvas roof.

Under the hood Porsche will use a 200 HP 2.0 Liter TFSI power plant borrowed from the VW Golf GTI, that will be mounted behind the driver and in front of the rear axle. An S version should be good for 280 HP. The new model will be inspired by the original Porsche 550 Spyder, unveiled at the Paris Motor Show back in 1953. The smallest member of the Porsche family will be priced starting at around £28,000 ($46,000) when it hits showrooms a couple of years from now.


Source: AutoExpress

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  (868) posted on 06.26.2009

Looks like an Audi TTS/Toyota MR2 Spyder/Volkswagen BlueSport photoshop to me.

  (116) posted on 06.26.2009

Although, the term Spyder may have been over used for this reason and others are commenting that this new Spyder would be more like a Boxters, I doubt that the Porsche-WV tandem would end up making a big hype as early as now, then they know this car is not worth an attention. I think they have good reason for coming up with a Spyder comeback in 2013!

  (78) posted on 06.26.2009

That is correct. To my opinion, I must say that this is more of a development to the Spyder’s comeback. The only thing is that we are bound to see a Spyder and not the Bluesport in the end. Maybe the Porsche family saw the marketing value of the Porsche line up compared to the VW line up.

  (79) posted on 06.26.2009

The Porsche Spyder, being one of the most respected name in the history of sports cars is making a comeback on 2013. Combining the Audi R8 flatform and the WV Bluesport concept. I think this smaller version of Spyder only means that more and more car companies are looking forward to produce smaller lighter cars in the future

  (137) posted on 06.26.2009

It is expected that the latest compact Porsche will keep the company’s reputation for unequalled driving performance, in a lightweight, economical form. The latest Spyder would seem to be a big bargain to come.

  (177) posted on 06.26.2009

Basing from the latest information, the Spyder will come with a 28,000 Pound sticker price compared with the cheapest Boxster which costs 33,700, while at the same time keeping a premium above the less expensive VW Bluesport model. The Porsche 550 Spyder, which was revealed in 1953 at the Paris Motor Show, is the main source of the new Spyder’s inspiration and design philosophy.

  (231) posted on 06.26.2009

That is a really great looking car. I think cheaper lighter cars are gonna be around for the next few years. Economy in the crapper they got to do something to generate revenue and new buisness. Although some may hate the idea, I think this is the direction of most cars today and we need to open our eyes over this possibility.

  (289) posted on 06.26.2009

I guess, Porsche abused the "spyder" name when they lauched the Boxster and even more so the "RS60" Boxster version. Also, those computer generated pics make it look awful. Not sure the price gap between it and the Boxster won’t just about KILL boxster sales. Boxster and 911 are different cars with different buyers. The existing Boxster and the potential "spyder" will attract the same type of car buyer

  (318) posted on 06.26.2009

I think what is only clear as of this moment, is that the Porsche Spyder will be back on 2013, the model will be based on the BlueSport Concept, will share many components with the Audi R2 and the pricing will be around $45931

  (314) posted on 06.26.2009

Well, sources say that the Porsche Spyder successor will have a “reputation for unrivalled driving dynamics, but in a much lighter, fuel efficient and affordable package than any model in recent memory.” I find this good for air-top free model with its folding canvas roof like the Porsche Boxster and will be significantly smaller than the current entry-level Porsche. I want to see the offical rendering.

  (421) posted on 06.26.2009

I guess, I must give the Porsche Spyder a warm welcome back! The new Spyder was recently rendered by AutoExpress where they revealed the new model with a two-seater shape for 2013. As expected the Spyder from Porsche will be strongly based on the Volkswagen BlueSport Concept’s underpinnings, where it will then also share technology and parts with Audi’s new R2. So now, we know the reason why the Bluesport was put on hold.

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