You all remember Emil Baddal? If you don’t, then here’s a refresher: he was the guy we talked about around a month ago for his ingeniously designed BMW concept supercar, the 250tti.

Now, he’s at it again.

This time, the subject of Baddal’s creative juices is Porsche after the Iranian CGI designer released renderings of a still-to-be-named Porsche concept supercar. He didn’t give out any further details about the car except for the photos but then again, you know what people say: pictures are worth a thousand words.

We have to give Baddal his due as one of the most creative up-and-coming designers we’ve come across recently because the Porsche supercar looks like a finely-crafted work of art. Baddal designed it in such a way that it reflects a sexy look for the Porsche yet still maintaining the same classy and elegant aura that Porsche has come to be known.

Baddal gets an ‘A’ from us for this freestyle design exercise.

Photos by Emil Baddal.


Source: Designerspace

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  (515) posted on 02.2.2010

great design by baddal, they should put this baby into production for prototype. body design is sleek and sexy.

  (2) posted on 10.15.2009

As far as I´m concerned Baddal can go work for Porsche or BMW!! Great looking designs!! Actually Porsche looks better than BMW, but still, very promising designer! Hope he´s not in Iran!! Probably not too many doors for him to put his foot in ! Good luck Emil Baddal !!!

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