Porsche as thus far refused to comment on it, but we now know that the German sports car maker has been given a trademark for the GT5 name. And since there is no official word, that means we get to engage in our favorite gearhead hobby: wild speculation. This seems like it should be a pretty straightforward thing to figure out. Porsche said recently that there will be no GT version of the Panamera, or of any SUV. Moreover, Porsche has a strict brand hierarchy, and since the Boxster slots in under the Cayman and 911, a Boxster GT5 should slot in below the Cayman GT4 and 911 GT3 in the exact same way.

But it might not be that simple. The GT4 and GT3 aren’t arbitrary names; they correspond with FIA classifications for GT racing. There is no FIA GT5, so the moniker won’t correspond with anything, and therefore won’t be locked to any specific sort of car. So even though we’ve been told there won’t be a Panamera GT, there is still the possibility of a Pajun GT5. Or even, unusual as the naming structure would be for Porsche, a 918 GT5.

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Why it matters

Our money would still be on a Boxster GT5, but there are still a few questions about how that would be handled. Porsche has only just unveiled the Boxster Spyder, a car which shares many components with the Cayman GT4, including the 3.8-liter flat-six. The Spyder makes a few horses less than the GT4, but Porsche would have a very difficult time maintaining the model hierarchy if the GT5 needed to slot in between the Boxster Spyder and the Cayman GT4.

The GT5 could simply be a track-focused version of the Spyder. It seems unnecessary, but Porsche isn’t exactly shy about adding tons of hyper-specific models to the lineup.

Porsche Panamera

2016 Porsche Panamera Edition
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