Something’s cooking in the Porsche headquarters and knowing these guys, it could only mean thing: a new car.

The buzz going on around Stuttgart is that Porsche is looking into introducing a new supercar, one that will sit between the 911 GT2 RS and the 918 Spyder. The rationale behind this idea is that the company wants a car that can bridge the price tag gap between the 911 GT2 RS, which retails for $338,500, and the 918 Spyder, which will sell for $1.1 million.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Porsche sales boss, Bernhard Maier, commented about the company looking into the idea of introducing a new Porsche supercar. "We’re currently examining what options can be derived from this gap in the product range," Maier said.

"Between the top 911 model and the 918 Spyder, there’s a price range that we’re not serving, but where other manufacturers are selling one or another product."

Just so we know what Porsche is getting into, the new 911 GT2 RS is powered by a 3.6 liter six-cylinder boxer engine that’s boosted by two turbochargers, produces 620 horsepower with a 0 to 62 mph time of just 3.5 seconds, a top speed of 205 mph, and an impressive Nurburgring lap time of seven minutes and 18 seconds. Meanwhile, the 918 Spyder is powered by a V8 engine that produces more than 500 horsepower and three electric motors with an overall output of 218 horsepower. The numbers translate to a 0-60 mph time of just 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 198 mph and a Nurburgring lap time of under 7:30.


Source: Bloomberg

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  (569) posted on 07.26.2011

Each car costs high in the market, if they combine this one to create a new super car. What would be its price? I think only few can afford this one if ever it will be released. By the way, I have no doubt in the speed of this new super car they want to put up.

  (399) posted on 07.14.2011

I think Porsche is just over reacting by the feedback of consumers to their 911 line up. If their plan is on now on going, let’s just hope that it will be more appealing than the other versions.

  (727) posted on 07.13.2011

I wonder if Porsche will debut this car in during the Frankfurt Motor Show along with the next generation of 911 line up. Well, I have to admit that the engine performance of the car is quite impressive though the speed limit is depressing!

  (502) posted on 07.13.2011

hmm. It seems that there are a lot of cars line up for the future production of Porsche. The production of the newer sports car might hurt the sale of the next generation 911.

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