• Porsche Will Now Build You A Custom One-Off - If You’re Willing To Pay For It

Porsche will now allow you to build your own special Porsche. Within reason, of course.

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Having the ability to customize your car brings a special degree of exclusivity to one’s ownership experience. Porsche is not new to the car customization scene, but in recent years, the company has limited itself to simply giving us limited versions of their cars. That’s not to say they are bad, on the contrary, actually, but bespoke features were left in the past.

One-Off Porsches Will Soon Be A Thing

Porsche Will Now Build You A Custom One-Off - If You're Willing To Pay For It
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Now, however, the German marque has decided to step up its exclusivity game by, once again, offering customization to its clients. Porsche recently announced the expansion of its Exclusive Manifaktur program, as well as its Tequipment and Classic divisions. This will present Porsche buyers with a lot more options in terms of customization and give them the chance to own a one-off special vehicle from Stuttgart.

This is actually a modern interpretation of Porsche’s “Sonderwunsch” (Special request) program from the 1970s, which allowed customers to create their own car from the ground up. It's also similar to what other brands are doing, such as "[Q by Aston Martin->https://www.topspeed.com/cars/car-news/q-by-aston-martin-personalization-program-to-debut-in-geneva-ar125776.html].
Porsche Will Now Build You A Custom One-Off - If You're Willing To Pay For It
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Exterior wraps, illuminated door entry guards, logo projectors, and floor mat prints are only some of the options buyers can customize to their liking, effectively allowing them to design their own car. The program is not exclusive to new cars, as it extends to used vehicles as well. In addition, off-road vehicles also qualify for the “Special request” program.

Through the Tequipment program, various accessories and retrofit options are available.

Porsche will now be able to spec out a “safari” version of your Porsche, regardless of the model.
Porsche Will Now Build You A Custom One-Off - If You're Willing To Pay For It
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As for the Classic program, the focus is currently on the manufacturing of spare parts and factory restorations. Perhaps in the future, this will extend to modern recreations of classic Porsches. Companies like Singer, Theon, Gunterwerks, and RWB have been recreating classic Porsche 911s for a while and, eventually, Porsche might decide to show them how the original Porsche “meisters” are doing it.

As for the “Sonderwunsch” program, every request will be considered, as long as it’s sensible. Porsche will also document every special request, for the purpose of safeguarding against any attempts to replicate their one-off cars. If the program gains enough traction, we may end up seeing crazy one-offs, similar to what we see from Ferrari’s Special Projects division.

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