PPG upgrades Nissan GT-R’s transmission

PPG upgrades Nissan GT-R's transmission
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Godzilla seems to have one fatal flaw, the gearbox. It’s not that Nissan made a bad product with the GT-R’s transmission, but to get the most from the car, owners have fried more transmissions than if Colonel Sanders was in the car business. It got so bad that Nissan decided to rectify this by dropping its launch control system.

Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes (PPG) from Australia thinks it has a new answer to this problem. PPG has created an alternate first gear, which it claims is a much broader gear that reduces wear on gear teeth and boosts power. We don’t have any first hand knowledge of how much it helps, but we do know a GT-R without a first gear is not much of a GT-R at all.


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AK47  (1024) posted on 02.13.2009

HAha, very funny. Iam just pointing out that these things seem to have similiar problems. Although Iam pretty sure that if the first gear transfers the power to second gear without any interuption in power as is the case with dual clutches, the second gear will get damaged as well. Hence, as I noted before, a stronger gear with a broader range might work, or you could just get the new ECU program that launches the car at lower revs without VDC being turned off and have an even faster GT-R.

Myles_Kornblatt  (169) posted on 01.2.2009

Wow, I thought the it was only dropping the car at 4500 RPM in launch control was putting pressure on the gear threads and killing 1st gear. But I will absolutely bow to the expert on this one...thanks for the extra info.

AK47  (1024) posted on 12.31.2008

.... In fact nearly all dual clutch gearboxes have that problem. Throw in th fact that the GT-R delivers 473hp with 430lb-ft of torque and all that through AWD, the results can’t be pretty.

AK47  (1024) posted on 12.31.2008

It is also interesting to note that the EVO Xs gearbox makes the same noise when changing from 1st to 2nd. Borg Warner, who I believe makes the transmission for both these cars should be questioned about this. The Aston Martins with dual clutch transmissions also have the same problem.

AK47  (1024) posted on 12.31.2008

I thought the transmission wearing out had more to do with the oil not being circulated fast enough through the gear. The older Skylines had the same problem, only with their engines. Increasing the oil flow might help protect the gears but since the GT-R seems to make a clunking noise at slow speeds from 1st to 2nd gear, I suppose a stronger first gear will help.

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