We knew that this was bound to happen, so when things went in motion that solidified our expectations, we weren’t the least bit surprised to find out that McLaren’s new wondercar, the MP4-12C, has become quite a highly anticipated piece of supercar machinery.

According to Autocar, more than 2,700 customers have already made pre-orders of the MP4-12C, a startling figure that caught even the fellas from Woking by surprise. Not that it couldn’t meet the total number of pre-orders – it could, in case you wanted to know - but it’s more because of the fact that McLaren initially had plans of building only 1,000 MP4-12Cs in one year.

These 2,700 pre-orders for the supercar means that even before the first set of MP4-12C meets the doors of a dealership, McLaren would be hard-pressed to meet the demands of interested customers, which, if the automaker sticks to its ‘1,000 units per year’ figure, then it’s going to be backlogged for the next two and half years.


Source: Autocar

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  (221) posted on 09.14.2010

It’s already out though some of the reserved cars may be deliver in most 6months or more because of the skyrocketing buyers.

  (1332) posted on 08.31.2010

I think it’s very cool, very ’car of the future’, like something a Japanese animé artist would draw. I particularly like the touch of a dorsal fin along the roof.

  (515) posted on 07.18.2010

These slowdowns leave the economy stronger in the long run, as they tend to staunch the stupid excesses that any economy gets into, ala mortgages, etc

  (666) posted on 07.14.2010

there are no any reasons to hate this sports car. yes it’s fast, it’s aggressive, and lot cheaper than the ferrari nor veyron.

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