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Proving yet again that the auto world can be a place rich in irony, Fiat Chrysler Automobile has filed a trademark for the name “Angel,” which the automaker plans to use on a “passenger vehicle” of some sort. Color me amused because, at the very least, FCA is turning its troll game up to a new level; the “Angel” name runs diametrically opposed to the identity of the automaker’s latest muscle car masterpiece, the Dodge Challenger Demon. So what gives here? What’s FCA up to exactly?

Unfortunately, your guess is as good as ours at this point because FCA didn’t exactly divulge details on what it has planned for the “Angel” name. All we know at this point, thanks to our friends over at Fiat Chrysler Authority, is that the name could be used on “trims and badges” of any future model. The fact that the trademark was only filed on July 17 means that this is a new deal for FCA. It’s got plans for the name at some point in the future. How it plans to use it, or if it does at all, is the question that all of us need some answers to sooner or later. You’ve got our attention, FCA. That much I’m sure of. Now, how about giving us some hints because, at this point, all we have are predictions on what you have planned for the “Angel” name.

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What could this new trademark filing mean for FCA?

Predicting FCA's Plans For its Recent "Angel" Trademark
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We’re all as stumped as you are when we heard that FCA had filed the “Angel” trademark. We don’t know what it means and we don’t know what FCA’s plans are. And we certainly don’t know what this could end up being once it’s used. So in the absence of any concrete information from FCA’s part, we’ve come up with a list of possible predictions about this new trademark and what the automaker’s potential plans are for it.

Another Muscle Car

The most direct answer would be that it would be a different iteration of the Dodge Challenger

The most direct answer would be that it would be a different iteration of the Dodge Challenger. It also happens to be the most confusing one given that the “Angel” name doesn’t necessarily fit into what we know a muscle car to be. We get the use of the “Demon” name because the name is associated with mad and evil intentions, exactly like what a muscle car should be. But an angel? Better yet, a Dodge Challenger Angel? Doesn’t quite roll of the thing as nicely as Challenger Demon, does it? But stranger things have happened in this business and we are by no means discounting the possibility that FCA and Dodge really are planning to use the “Angel” name for a different version of the Challenger.

Predicting FCA's Plans For its Recent "Angel" Trademark
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A luxury trim package

A less exciting possibility, albeit one that makes a little more sense, is using the “Angel” name as a luxury trim package. This one I can get behind because the image of class, comfort, and luxury are better suited with this name. Perhaps FCA even has plans to use the Angel trim package for the Challenger Demon in a contrasting manner to showcase the muscle car’s versatility beyond its obvious menacing performance purpose. Don’t sleep on this prediction because the trademark application did contain the phrase “trims and badges,” suggesting the possibility that FCA could end up going this route if it does use the “Angel” name.

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon High Resolution Interior
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note: interior photo of the Dodge Challenger Demon

An electric car

Instead of actually using the “Angel” trademark on a muscle car, FCA could go in the opposite direction and instead use it for a much tamer electric car

I’m not as excited about this prediction, but it could very well have the most likely scenario going for it. Instead of actually using the “Angel” trademark on a muscle car, FCA could go in the opposite direction and instead use it for a much tamer electric car. Heck, the trademark might not even allude to something under the Dodge name. Think about it. Chrysler could end up using the “Angel” name for one of its future electric models. The timing of the trademark application would certainly fit into these plans because Chrysler has a number of electric car models in the pipeline, including the Pacifica and the much more exciting Portal Concept, which the company has said is headed for production in the next year or two.

2017 Chrysler Portal Concept
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note: photo of the Chevrolet Portal Concept

Playing keep-away

An underrated reason for FCA filing this trademark may have nothing to do with a new model or a trim package. Maybe FCA filed the trademark specifically to keep it away from competitors. There’s certainly some precedent for this kind of arrangement because automakers have been known to file trademarks for names that it doesn’t want its rivals to use at any point in the future. A notable Chrysler trademark is for “313” – Detroit’s area code – without having used it at any point in its history. The company likely did this so that its rivals, namely Ford and General Motors, both of whom also happen to come from the same area, can’t use it. If Chrysler did file the trademark for “Angel” for this specific reason, it did it simply so that its rivals can’t use it.

Troll game in full effect

The least likely scenario, but one that is still possible, is that FCA filed this trademark for the sole purpose of messing with all of us. We all know how successful the Dodge Challenger Demon has become and FCA likely tried to piggy-back off of the muscle car’s success to squeeze out as much attention for itself out of it. I don’t think this is the case, but given how the world is right now with the infestation of trolls from all corners of the planet, I wouldn’t put it past FCA to try to make us believe that it’s on to something when in fact it probably just did it to get a good laugh out of our reactions. If this is the case, well played, FCA. You just made me write a long prediction list because of it.


2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon High Resolution Exterior
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2017 Chrysler Portal Concept Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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