• Preparing for Gumball 3000 2015

Covering a trip like the Gumball 3000 can be a difficult task for just one person, and it requires the right set of equipment to get it done. You have to have equipment that is compact (There is very limited room in the AnastasiaDate cars), but powerful enough to do the kind of quality work that you guys deserve. In our lead up to Gumball, I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at what equipment I am using to make sure that you guys get the best coverage of this amazing event that I can manage. From the various cameras, to my powerhouse laptop, and all the random pieces in between, let’s dive into my bag.

Read on to learn more about the gear I am using to cover Gumball 3000 2015


Preparing for Gumball 3000 2015
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This event is best expressed in a visual format, and that means photos and videos. For this trip I have packed two DSLR cameras, three lenses and three GoPro cameras, and then I have my iPhone 5S as a backup camera as well. For major photo duties I will be using a Canon T2i and a 28-135mm IS lens. This is a powerful setup that lets me get great photos at medium distances, and thanks to 1080p recording ability, it makes a great camera for capturing moving footage as well. This camera has an extra battery grip for more than double the battery capacity.

For this trip I have packed two DSLR cameras, three lenses, three GoPro cameras, and then I have my iPhone 5S as a backup camera as well.

When the T2i is too big and cumbersome with the large lens and battery pack, I have an older Canon XT and a pair of 18-55mm lenses. This camera is compact, but has great photo quality, so it can be used for lots of scenarios when I need to get close to my subjects. It’s also older, so I worry less about damaging it, and it gets used when performing more risky photos like car-to car moving shots.

For great wide-angle shots, moving footage from outside of cars, and just about anything else, the GoPro is the perfect camera. It takes 12mp stills, does video up to 4K, and the image quality is unbeatable in the action-camera market. To make sure I can get as much great footage as possible I am bringing three of these versatile cameras with me, along with several dozen mounts and attachments. These will be the main workhorses for video.

For all of the social media coverage on the trip I will be using a pair of iPhones. I have my personal iPhone 5S, and the PR company attached to handle the event will be providing a second iPhone 5 for use in Europe.


Preparing for Gumball 3000 2015
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I’m going to end up with close to 50 gigabytes of photos and video at the end of every day, so I need a computer that is powerful enough to handle editing videos and photos in a timely manner. Thanks to the nature of the Gumball 3000 Rally, I also need a laptop that is lightweight, portable and has good battery life. If you need a Windows machine, there is only one laptop out there fits that bill, the new Razer Blade.

It is only slightly larger than a 13-inch Macbook Pro, but it comes packed with a high-resolution screen, an Intel Core i7 CPU, and enough video card power to tear through photo and video work at lightning pace. It is technically a gaming laptop thanks to its powerful insides, but it is one of the thinnest and lightest laptops in its class. Battery life isn’t too shabby either; I’ve seen more than five hours on a charge.

Odds & Ends

Preparing for Gumball 3000 2015
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While my cameras and the laptop make up the bulk of the items in my bag, I couldn’t make this trip happen without a pile of extra bits and pieces. I have a tripod and camera slide to help get solid video footage, I have an entire pile of cords and chargers to keep all these devices running, and I can’t go anywhere without a notebook, a Sharpie, a pack of gum, and a deck of cards.

The notebook and sharpie are for making notes and keeping track of quotes and facts I hear on the trip, the gum keeps my breath bearable after the 17 hours of flying it takes to get to Stockholm from Knoxville, TN, and the deck of cards has a plethora of uses, from helping to level my tripod, to keeping me sane on long layovers.
I also keep a bag of trail mix at the ready. You never know when you might get hungry.

The Bag

Preparing for Gumball 3000 2015
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To keep all of these items together and protected on my journey I am using a backpack I got at last year’s Gumball 3000 Rally. This backpack comes from a company with the unfortunate name of Douchebags, but despite the poor judgement in branding, the bag is top notch. It features a side opening that makes it much easier to locate items, it has several thin padded pouches inside that I use to hold the laptop and other thin items, and thanks to a semi-rigid construction, I don’t worry about my cameras or lenses getting crushed in an overhead bin on the flight.

There will be lots more Gumball 3000 coverage coming, just keep your eyes here on TopSpeed.com. You can also follow me in real time on my journey by following me on Twitter or Instagram @Moeferd. You can also search for the hashtags #Gumball3000, #HeelsOnWheels and #AnastasiaDate

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