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Over the last year, legislators became more and more concerned about EV’s drivers not paying any gas taxes. Last February, a team of Republican senators, sponsored by the oil industry and other supporters, introduced a bill that destroys the federal electric vehicle tax credit of $7,500, and includes an annual tax for “alternative fuel vehicles.”

To contribute to road maintenance and replace lost revenues from the gas tax, EV’s owners are currently charged an additional fee of $150 on their yearly registrations. The new bill will more than double that fee, increasing it to $350 per year. The state of Nebraska also is planning to raise the current registration fee for alternative fuel cars from $74 to $125, but incrementally over the five years.

A union led by Tesla, GM, Nissan, and others is fighting against the 100-percent cut of tax credits for EV’s buyers as well as against a new tax for electric cars owners. Hopefully, they will be able to stop the new bill propositions and its leaders.

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