OK. I’m old. If you’re not close to sixty, you don’t remember the glory and glamour that was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. And nothing symbolized it more than “Sgt. Preston of the Yukon,” a popular television show in the 1950’s.

The Mounties, then as now, have a motto: “We always get our man.”

Well, seems they did this time.

YouTube featured a video involving four people driving Ferraris and Lamborghinis at, shall we say, somewhat higher than posted speeds. As in 300 km per hour. Since 100 km per hour is basically 60 mph, that means we’re talking 180 mph. On a public road.

Some of the locals complained,

And the Mounties nailed their man, and his associates, near Calgary.

The primary arrested person is a used car dealer a used Ferrari dealer to be precise, and apparently the originator of the scheme: one Zahir Rana, the owner of ZR Auto. 

Apparently he’s used videos of similar escapades as a sales tool.

But now, he claims the video was faked.

The Mounties aren’t so sure, and they are continuing to investigate.

But, if the video really was faked, then you might want to avoid this particular used car emporium, because then its owner isn’t honest. ZR Auto is located in Alberta.

Of course, if he really did it, then the statement that the video was faked is a lie. In which case, you might still want to avoid ZR Auto.

Oh, And one other thing.

That “Mounted” part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police refers to horses.

The RCMP still keeps horses, even in places like Montreal. Their police stations have stables.

And, it appears, they still get their man.

Tradition wins.

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