The BMW M6 is a magnificent vehicle, not only does it offer the sleek lines of two doors sports coupe, but it also packs quite a punch under the hood in the form of a 500 HP 5.0 Liter V10. While the super coupe M6 might be good enough for the average BMW enthusiast, the German tuners at Prior Design have come up with a unique wide body take on the largest of BMW’s two door high performance M models. The blistered BMW will be on display at the upcoming Essen Motor Show, which will take place from November 28 thru December 6 later on this year, and will be known as the PR550.

Prior Design wide body BMW M6
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The aerodynamic enhancements for the M6 include a widened stance thanks to bold fender flared as well as a pair of lower hanging side skirts and some more aggressive spoilers. The Prior Design M6 rides a little over an inch closer to the ground thanks to an upgraded suspension system and rolls on a set of multi spoke forged wheels measuring 21 inches in diameter and also features a new free flowing high performance exhaust system to free up a few more horses. Prior design has successfully taken the M6 to new heights with their PR550 package.


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  (10) posted on 12.30.2010

This is the worst company I have ordered parts from. Wrong invoice! Release my purchases to authorized freight forwarder! Refuse to take my calls on 12/30/2010! There are many better companies to buy parts from! If you want to be frustrated and MAD, buy from this ty GERMAN company!

  (612) posted on 01.6.2010

Well it’s more compact than the original one that it looks like a mini sedan on the form. Well the M6 aerodynamic enhancement were great and really need to bring it to the car show where some M6 owners will be interested on the aerodynamic package of Prior Design.

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