Remember the pair of Nissan IDx concepts we saw at the Tokyo Motor Show back in November 2013? It’s hard to forget those two considering how funky their designs were. Heck, the IDx Nismo concept even had a lower bumper that looked like a tongue sticking out.

It seemed that Nissan decided to develop those concepts because it just wanted to, but it looks as if the company actually had good reason to build those two wonky coupes. Believe it or not, Nissan actually has plans to produce a sports car based on the concepts.

Motoring Australia reports that Nissan is planning to unveil a production version of the IDx with plans of pitting it against the Toyota GT 86. Sources also told Motoring that the production IDx will look nothing like the two prototypes, which may or may not be a good idea, depending on how you feel about the IDx Nismo and Freeflow concepts.

Details are still vague at this point, but Nissan designers are reportedly tinkering with a sportier and more aggressive design that can stare down the GT 86 and by extension, the Subaru BRZ.

Word also has it that Nissan is leaning toward dropping a 2.0-liter engine in the production version of the IDx, which will feature output levels of up to 181 horsepower. Sure, that’s not going to be enough to beat out the GT 86’s 200-horsepower output, but if Nissan nails the design of this cars, that might not even matter.

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Why It Matters

Report of a production version of the Nissan IDx is an interesting development considering that Toyota has owned the “affordable sports car” title among Japanese automakers the past few years.

Mazda just unveiled the new MX-5 Miata, which makes things interesting from a competitive standpoint, and Honda’s planning its own S2000 successor too. With Nissan in the fold, this segment suddenly has a lot of firepower and has the potential for an all-out war for supremacy.

Who doesn’t love a scenario like this? Maybe Mitsubishi can even join in on the fun, making this an all-out sports car royal rumble.

Nissan iDX Freeflow

2014 Nissan IDx Freeflow Exterior AutoShow
- image 533592

The Nissan IDx Freeflow Concept is the Mr. Hyde of the two concepts and was designed with a front end that speaks to the level of authenticity that Nissan put into designing the concept. Overall, it has a pretty simple look, although the round headlights do offer a distinctive retro touch to the front section.

There’s also a simple, no-frills grille that connects the headlights, while the inverted bumper gives the concept a muscular look that blends well with its boxed body.

Finally, the IDx Freeflow also has a "floating roof" with a seamless rounded shape, a simple design twist that fits well with the entire package of the concept.

Nissan IDx Nismo Concept

2013 Nissan IDx Nismo High Resolution Exterior
- image 532941

If the IDx Freeflow Concept is Mr. Hyde, the IDx Nismo Concept is Dr. Jekyll. This prototype was designed in full racing spirit, with a boxy look that also features a reverse-slanted nose, modern LED headlights, a pronounced grille, and a tongue-like front bumper.

The IDx Nismo also comes with a glass roof, an eye-catching three-color finish made up of a predominantly white body with black and red racing accents, and a an "80" livery.

Source: Motoring Australia

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