Imagine if you had your own personal race track in your own backyard, would you have any intentions of leaving your house? In what is becoming yet another reason to be jealous of the blokes from Top Gear, they’re proudly showing off a turn-by-turn virtual breakdown of the official Top Gear race track, including a run-down of the history behind each of the corner’s names.

The virtual race track also comes with a special view from the track’s most famous occupant, The Stig - it’s being called "Stig’s Eye View" - which allows you to look at the perfect line to take on the track to achieve the fastest possible time. It’s like a video game cheat only you can take advantage of it when you actually find yourself taking a car out for a ride on the track.


Source: BBC America

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  (815) posted on 05.27.2010

this is a small track... good for street tuner car

  (859) posted on 05.27.2010

Well, I bet you can get a lot of profit out of it.

  (512) posted on 05.26.2010

That’s a nice view but am not sure that this track will fit the racers because actually if someone will notice that the track has an encounter of flow which is really not appropriate.

  (544) posted on 05.26.2010

Yeah, definitely I can find you cleaning the track.

  (331) posted on 05.25.2010

Well, if i have a personal race track for sure you can’t find me inside the house.

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