Forza Horizon 2 and The Crew are fun racing games, but they don’t offer much for the player looking for a simulation racer. Forza 6 was just announced but it won’t be out until October or November 2015. If you are an owner of a new console and you want a new simulation racer, Project CARS should be the game you are waiting for. Built over several years using a huge crowd-sourced team, Project CARS is shaping up to be the most beautiful racing game ever created, and it should arrive with more cars and more tracks than any racing game that has come before. It also offers those fancy features everyone is looking for like dynamic lighting and weather.

If you haven’t heard of Project CARS, or you don’t believe my claims about it being the best looking racing game ever created, just take a few seconds to watch the latest trailer for the game here. This is using the latest build for the game, and it should be very close to final code. This shows dozens of interesting cars and locations, as well as the fancy weather the game offers.

If this is your next racing game and you own a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or reasonably powerful gaming PC, you can snag a copy starting on March 17th here in the States. If you call Europe home, the game will hit shelves on March 20th.

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