What happens when people mix movies with reality? They came up with concept cars like this one: the Project Flake designed by Da Feng - a designer that you might remember as the man behind the GYM concept unveiled back in 2008.

Project Flake is the final year project at Coventry uni for automotive design and according to its designer is not just ready yet. Two movies inspired him in creating his concept: Transformers and Cars. Describing his project Da Feng said: "I loved the movement of the characters, and how they leaned into the corners and wanted to translate that into a realistic vehicle, and thought it was an appropriate direction for my FYP."

The BMW Gina is a good example, every part was movable, and yet it felt... dead, without all the muscle structures under the skin it will be very hard to emulate emotion. Emotion is very important part of design, because my project is dynamic, just a face is no longer enough, its body needs to present body language. I did think through all the directions of a literal living car with muscle etc, but didn’t think that was very creative. The flakes eventually came from my bad habit of smoking. I love the forms created by ash, how it was so random and yet all fitted together, this made me imagined cracking skin and how that will look over the car."

Hit the jump to watch a CGI-animated video starring the Project Flake Concept Car.

Source: PretendingPretentious

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  (384) posted on 08.24.2011

What kind of car is this one. It looks unique with those broken body looks, but I doubt the safety and reliability of the car. This kind of concept is inconsiderable because it just came from a movie.

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